Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 35, 365 days of 2011

Happy Day 35 of my project  y'all!  It's Tuesday!  Oh. Yay!  And how are you today?  It's a good day. I pushed myself to jog slightly last night while at the gym. I couldn't help it. My legs were aching, but what can I say, I'm determined!  That's all I can be.  I enjoy my not so boring days here at work, but I've been doing this job long enough.  There is no more money to make here, I need MORE! I need a change!  I need more money, I need insurance. I need vacations. I need MORE!  Wait!  I already said that!  So I have leg muscle now.  Oh wow.  That's new. I think I even have a little arm muscle, Awe, weee!
So my picture today makes me skin look soft, white?  Or is it my eyes. I've compared it to yesterday, I'm sure it's the lighting and the direction in which the camera is looking, but whatevski. I think i may have found my good side?  Although that changes from day to day!

I'm struggling with a post on an award I've accepted, it's pissing me off.  haha...  What is up with that.  Why is it when I'm pissed, stressed, angry, mad, happy, sad, glad, upset, ANY EMOTION POSSIBLE! I desire to smoke!  HA! Weird!  But I'm not smoking. I know I keep going back and forth with this. But still smoke free, still unsure how many days it's been also!

I'm heading back to work, or should I say, to think about lunch. I think it's a Zaxby's kind of day! Oh. how I heart Zaxby's! Have a great Tuesday readers, followers and fellow bloggers!  I'm off to do....Something!

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