Thursday, February 24, 2011

1993... Flashback!

So after another long, boring day at work.  Went to the gym after work and another night of Mexican food.  Umph. And I wonder why I'm having belly aches.  3 days of Mexican anyone?  I don't eat my food spicy though.  Oh well, back to what I was saying.

You guys remember the movie "The Sandlot" Filmed in 1993?  I vaguely remember 1993. Although I was what like 12 years old. I'm racking my brain right now as to where I lived in 1993.  What grade I was in. Who were my friends. That's so weird.  I'm having a hard time recollecting all of those minor details. It usually takes a spark of something to refresh my memory.  So lets see, in 1993, 12 years old, I lived....where?  Probably the city of Lawrenceville, now called L'ville and on some days "Larry Ville". Don't ask, because I don't know. Someone called it that at work and it just of stuck with me.  *shrugs*  Let's try something else...  Per google.  It says the price of living..  So everything on their list is about the same then as it is today, with the exception of the price of gas, in 1993 the average price per gallon was $1.16.  Holy crap!  Compare that to the $3.00+ we are spending today.  Then again, we are talking what, 2 years shy of 20 years and it's only gone up about 2 bucks a gallon.  Movie ticker $4.14.  Holy crap!  We spend like 80 bucks every time we go see a NEW movie.  Dollar movies are still cheap, but so is the theatre and the movies are probably out on DVD or BluRay by then.  That's an awesome price.  Wow, movie tickets are now what about 10 bucks a person.  Wow!  Thank gawd gas hasn't risen like the cost of entertainment!  Right?

Events in 1993!
---I remember this one, we had a record snow fall then. I remember this blizzard, as we called it, you know us Georgians don't get much snow!  lol.. I remember though, the power went out for DAYS we were all electric and my dad managed to get one of those heaters, the ones with the fuel you put in them, crap what's that called. KEROSENE HEATER. That's it!  We all sat around it, the 4 of us.  My Dad also was the one in charge of going out for food and more fuel.  I remember he was gone for a really long time on one adventure out.  He finally came home and said he was LEFT STRANDED at the Waffle House, because he thought it was a good idea to catch a ride with a drunk guy friend who actually LEFT him at the waffle house.  I do think I remember my Dad saying he came back for him a while later.  ha ha.. Just goes to show, don't take rides with drunk people!  Not even drunk friends! 
---Bill Clinton was president.  ?? Too young to care. 
---Harley Davidson Motorcycle turned 90!  I'm sure this was life changing for a lot of motorcycle fans. 
---The first beanie babies.  I don't remember that at all.  We didn't get things like that, I don't think.
---RODNEY KING... That was all over the television back then I remember this. 

The list goes on and on, check out THIS SITE ...

I just went back in time, there are other thoughts running through my head of other things that happened in 1993.  I believe I was in 6th grade, I'm assuming, I remember my best friends were Melissa, forgot her name, and I had a crush on a cute boy, who's name I cannot remember!  Go figure. I remember it was a fun time though. We were outside a lot, walked to the gas station, really close to home, rode our bikes and skated through the neighborhood. I've driven through the neighborhood, many years ago and it was a frightening place to be.  All crappy and ghetto looking now. I guess I understand why my parents moved us out of there a couple of years later. Best thing they could have done for me.  After 6th grade the city rezoned and I was sent to another school. Spent a year and a half there and left with no friends.  Go figure. I was the shy quiet might blow up the school kind of kid though.  Go figure! 

We watched "The Sandlot" religiously though. My cousin and I, we're about a year and a half older than my sister, totally had a crush on Benny Rodriguez... (Mike Vitar)
He's cute as hell.  I'd totally still have a crush on this boy in 1993.  We've other movies we watched religiously but I will save those for another post!  See, I found my spark.  *high fives* Enjoy your 1993 flashback.  Tell me, how was your 1993?  Goodnight my readers, followers and fellow bloggers! 

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