Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 40, 41 & 42, 365 days of 2011

Let me start by apologizing for falling behind on my photos.  I am trying, damnit!  It's been a busy time. I mean it when I say I need a vacation, but in reality it will all be here waiting for me when I get back. Thinking I may need more than a vacation! 

DAY 40.......
Oh. Lovely.... Was waiting in my daughters room for her to get out of the bathroom!  See her lovely pink walls, which I have to cover in the next few weeks and rawking the Justin Bieber posters.  That girl makes me feel like a kid in love with a rock star everytime I walk into her room.  haha.. BIEBER FEVER!  Kind of a strange looking photo, maybe the lighting is throwing it off, oh well.   Will just have to do!

DAY 41......

Definitely not one of my favorite pics of the year, but shit, I don't think I had the time to take any other pictures..  Oops!  So day 41 was indeed V-day, Valentines Day, my ex hubby called it "Singles Awareness Day"  that made me giggle...  I did receive some chocolates yesterday, and a card. I think the best moment of yesterday was rushing to Walmart to get my daughter something sweet for V-day.  I found her an adorable stuffed toy and some mints.  Stuck them in my front seat, pulling the tags off and racing to daycare to pick her up.  I asked her where she was sitting for the short ride home and when she opted for the front see I told her it was already taken. She peeked in the window and smiled really big.  She gave me a big hug and sweet thank you.  My heart melted. When we got into the car, she hugged the pet, hugged my neck and gave me smooches. BEST VALENTINES DAY EVER!

Day 41.... Wait!  That's today!  Yes!!!  So here we are... Low and Behold. I am officially caught up with my 365 days of pics posts.  It's unfortunate I had to mash 3 days together like this, but it's a nice change of pace and kills what? 3 birds with one stone?  Or something like that. Oh well.. Today is.... Just another day in paradise!  Oh. Yay!  I'm wishing for a nice hot beach with a bottle of water and maybe some sunscreen.  That's iffy, cause my white arse needs some tanning. Oh how I'm longing for summer to get here!  Ah to dream! 

Last night....was hard.  Not only was I able to try and explain why kitty is going to the vet tomorrow, I've got a million things on my plate right now, along side my mental instabilities, I've got the cat, the moving, the gym, my being tired, aunt flow just came into town, TMI I know, but whatever!  We're all grown ups here, I believe my post lets you know it's intended for adults when coming to it anyway!  haha... 

And well there is my mom who needs support right now, I'm so far away and am not being such a good daughter, cause I didn't call her all weekend, did see her on Sunday, but that isn't enough right now. I'm tired bloggers, readers and followers, and it's only 11am!  Help me?!!  Well there isn't much help for me right now.  Nothing can make it all go away, unless of course there is a magic wand laying around that can make everything all better. But I wouldn't stop there, that wouldn't be enough.  I need to just start all over and make it all new again, keeping few select important players in this game of life. 

This game of life, is a tough one, the times I feel I need to throw in the towel and just lay down and give up. I don't.  Why is that?  It would be so much easier. Some things can change, but I'm not one of those things.  Really I'm not. I may be the most stubborn person I know. But I take pride in this shit I try and accomplish. I just hope these dreams I have, not the ones where I'm smoking, those are the best!  haha... Kidding.. Still non smoker. But I dream about smoking, it's unfair!  I wouldn't, couldn't change a thing right now. I enjoy my busy hecktic life, sometimes.  I am so very excited to hear my dear longest, bestest, friend who live in NC is coming for a visit this weekend... *JUMPS FOR JOY* I miss her so very much a lot of times, it will be so nice to see her again, really soon! 

Have a great day everyone.. It's Tuesday. Oh. Yay. I've many things to do today, not enough time to do them in and well, it maybe another late night for me.  Oh.Double.Yay!  I hope to get back to you again today, being as I had some awesome ideas last night for posting... Lets hope... Or I will anyways! 


  1. Oh Doria... I also had the black moments when I wanted to gave up... but then I realised how much I would hurt people who love me and I fought. You have a lovely daughter to whom you are the whole world, and your mum needs you too. Even though you don't call her every day I'm sure she knows you're there for her and would call you if she needed to talk to you...
    Try to take a day off and sleep for a whole day. You're not a robot, remember?

  2. Awe thank you Starlight, your sweet words always pick me up! I'm not giving up, going to keep going, even if it makes me think its killing me, haha.. Its all worth it, in the end. Right?

  3. It is worth it! Just keep on fighting! *hug*


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