Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 39, 365 days of 2011

Happy Day 39?  Yea for the most part I can say it was.  Had a pretty fun filled today.  Checked out a couple of apartment complexes, but... have made no decision yet.  Am up in the air with that really, I need to check out the schools and stuff.

We ventured off from there to the gym.  Was pretty good to get in there and run some more and work out a little.  *high fives* It crossed my mind to give up in that mile and a half run, but I didn't!  I made it through!  Yessss!  The kiddos we able to play in the pool and my daughter has to learn how to swim, like ASAP.  No, she didn't almost drown today, lol.  She did attempt the slides and was unable to swim to the ladder though, thank gawd for life guards, lucky me they offer swim lessons at the gym!  Yesssss!

Lastly we ran off to the movie theatre for Justin Bieber's new movie Never Say Never.  I will tell you all like I told my facebook friends and family, if you had the thought cross your mind to watch this documentary on a 16 year old singer!  DO IT! It's good.  It amazes me the strength and drive this boy has to accomplish his DREAMS!  I commend him for his bravery and the fact that he isn't cracked out on cocaine, yet, that  I know of!  It's really a sweet story, brought a tear to my eye. For shits and giggles, just watch it.  My daughter absolutely ADORES Justin Bieber, she is 7!  I suffered a little inside watching her all gooey over this 16 year old boy. I'm sure you readers out there with girls suffer the same thing sometimes.  hahaha..   Just let me add this one more thought, this boy's favorite color is purple, but the
red is definitely better looking on him!  hahaha!

With that I leave you with this end of day 39. I'm exhausted, need sleep, Mom is having photos made tomorrow with us kids. Fun Fun Fun.  Color scheme, pink and black.  Yay!  Goodnight my readers, followers and fellow bloggers. 


  1. So glad to read what you had to say about the Bieber movie. I have to sit through it next weekend. I sat through his concert and LOVED IT! But everyone was like, "The movie is gonna suck!" So glad to hear otherwise!

  2. Hi Sandra, it's definately worth the watch. Then again Im a sucker for my lil girl, if she loves it, Im learning to love it. This movie shows how sweet Bieber is, really! I hope you like it!


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