Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 50, 365 days of 2011

DAY 50!  Lawd and what a day it was.  I warned you all last night I was changing my hair again,  ha ha...  Wowza... The picture doesn't really do it any justice, it's really blonder than this picture makes it out to be...
All I can say it OUCH!  Like, for real.  I will never and would not recommend anyone trying this... What I did was throw a bleach kit on my hair, all thanks to Sally's beauty supply, the lady at the store was the most helpful lady I've encountered at this location.  I was lucky to have her help me, she sold me a few things, the bleach and some extra proteins for my hair and then of course the blond color.  Holy crap.  My hair hurts!  I would not recommend anyone attempt to put their hair through what mine has been through this year.  And it's only February. Imagine how colorful the rest of my year will be. I've already picked my next color. It is the most awesome Gold color.  So cool.  It will be at least a month before I do anything else, color wise, to my hair.  For real. My scalp must have flamed up and me not notice.  Like for real.  Guess that is why it's the color it is.  It's really almost like sherbert or something.  ha ha.. But it isn't too bad. I've gotta deal with it for at least a little while. So hello and goodbye day 50, this hair pain sucks!

Oh!  I went  to my Mom's pre-op today. Eeep!  I don't think I really accepted this was really happening until today. I'm on the roller coaster again, feeling like I did when she first told me.  I know, I should be strong, and that is the only way she will see me, but of course, Im a nervous wreck again.  No worries, Im not seeking support and advise, I know, deep down it will all be okay.  Atleast I have some optimism, but of course there is the realism side to my thinking, there are always "what ifs"  I just know, if the "what ifs" come up, I'm not sure I will make it out of there either. 

Until next time.. Have an awesome time bloggers, readers, followers.

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