Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Me Me So Tastic? *blushes*

So after reading a blog, by an awesome lady, she once again, passed along the "Memetastic Award".  Being one of the lucky readers, I accept such an  award, squeee! 
And we are off to the FUN! Yes!

So lets get this party started, again, shall we?  1.2.3.GO!

For starters, like any other award lets start by giving a shot out to the awesome lady Starlight who passed on this lovely award!  Check her out, if you haven't already, she is a sweetie and a lovely writer! 

And on to whats next... Apparently this one is a little different, the "rules" say we have to tell you 5 things.  4 of which are LIES and 1 of course is the TRUTH!  And lucky you all get to guess which is the Truf!  Yep... Good luck with that, let me just say, this is harder than I thought it would be. Being as I'm a terribly awful liar!  Oh. Yay!

So.... Here we go..

1.  I hate hate hate chick flicks!  All of them, every single one, all the blond bimbos and crazy love stories and blah blah blah!  BARF!

2.  I just LOOOOOOOVE WINTER!  Cold weather. Oh the soft snow falling from the sky. I could run outside and make  snow angel. Oh. Yes!  Just can't wait for the snow they are calling for on Wednesday, got my snow boots ready to go!

3.  My favorite food groups are pizza and chocolate!  mmmm, good!

4.  I LOVE ALL MEATS ALSO.  LOVE EM. Nice tasty steak and some yummy good fish.  YUM!  Wait, is fish considered meat?  Hmm, someone google it and let me know!

5.  I have the greenest thumb I know of. For real. My plants love me.  They are so green and so pretty, you should see them! 

Well there, it isn't great and I'm sure maybe the most boring thing EVAR!    And well after reading through this again, it's fine!  It's more of a test, a test to see how many of you readers, followers actually pay any attention to me, being as I'm sure I've said all of these things before, in this blog o' mine! 

Now riddle me this?!!  WHICH ONE OF THESE IS ACTUALLY TRUE!  It's easy, I promise!  tee hee!

And lastly, leastly, all of that jazz. I'm posta give the award to people as well.  I've been trying to get out there and hit the "next blog" button to see what's crackin with this thing!  For real.  I've been busy today, I found quite a few I thought to be simply fabulous, however I was unable to find the "follow" button on their blog.  *shakes head* What a shame, for real.  I would love to follow it.  Oh well though, maybe I will stumble on it one day again in the future. So for all of my readers, I'm sure I follow your blogs as well.  If you haven't already accepted this award from someone else, please ACCEPT it from me. I'd love to read your answers and if you have accepted in the past, please by all means, attach a link in a comment so that I may read what you had to say back when.  Okay? 

Kbyethanks!  Have an awesome sleep y'all! 


  1. I think that #3 is the truth... Who doesn't like chocolate and pizza?

  2. I think #5 is the real thing...even though I'm exactly the opposite and incapable of keeping green things alive in my house.

    Btw, if you come across a blog w/out a follow button...
    1. Copy the blog URL
    2. Go to your blogger.com page
    3. Click on the "Blogs I'm Following" tab
    4. Under that window, click on the "Add" button
    5. Paste the URL into the "Add from URL" box

    Tada! New blog to follow. It's extra work, but totally worth it for some blogs. :)

    Btw, how's the Stop Smoking campaign coming along?

  3. OoOoOo good guessing ladies. I promise to get to posting a truf real soon. Any other takers?

    Thanks for the help Sam, I would have loved to have known this before, never saw this problem before though :)

    Will also post about my smokeless adventures later also! :)


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