Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally, a response!

So bloggers, I may have mentioned to you the other day that my daughter tells me that they are splitting up her classroom and she will no longer be in "Ms. Just Graduated College" 's classroom anymore. This saddens and angers me because they pulled her out of "Ms Didn't Graduate too Long Ago"'s class earlier in the year.  Very frustration. My daugher has not  had a year in this school that hasn't been disrupted by a change in teachers.  Her Kindergarten year her teacher retired.  She was blessed with an awesome teacher that year.  Both of her Kindergarten teachers were, as I would call them, AWESOME!  She loved both of them. The beginning of the year, this year, "Ms. Didnt Graduate too Long Ago" was ok.  We had a bumpy beginning with behaviour and all, I think maybe it was the teacher.  haha. I'm kidding. I know my child can be a handful!  It's oh to easy not listen to your teachers, we all know that don't we?  To the point.. We are at this stage now.. Check out the response she sent me today...
I meant to send you this email last night, but I guess I got distrracted... 
I am sorry I am just getting back to you. I was having trouble getting my school email to work yesterday. I am also sorry that I mentioned that to "my daughter". I should not have done that yet. As far as I know, my kids are going to be put into the other first grade classes tomorrow. It is not at all something that I want but something that administration thinks is best for the students. They told me on Monday that they were taking my class from me and splitting them back up into the other classes. I am not sure whether they will be in the same class they were in before or not. I was not told details about how they were splitting them up and was not asked for input on that either.
They do not believe that the students are getting "the education they deserve" in my class because I have struggled some with classroom management during my time as a teacher. I do not really think I am being treated fairly as most first year teachers struggle with classroom management and am not sure exactly what is up because I have never heard of anything like this happening before, but I am very sorry that the kids are going to have to switch classes again. I am also really upset to be losing them. For now I will still be at school every day in one of the other first grade classrooms (not sure which one yet) and am hoping to be around until the end of the year so I will definitely be checking in with all of my kids as long as I can! I am really going to miss seeing them in my class everyday! My experience at the school has not been great this year but getting to know all of the kids has definitely made it worth while! I have also enjoyed getting to know you . Thanks for always being active in "my daughter's" definitely helps me as the teacher out probably just as much as it helps "my daughter" as a student!
Please email or call me if you have any other questions. My phone number is ********* if you have any questions! I am going to send a letter home with the kids this afternoon about the change and am not sure whether or not the school is planning on sending anything.
Thanks for your concern and sorry again!
"Miss Just Graduated College"
Just... Wow... I immediately forwarded it to my ex-hubby, who handles the BS for me.  I'm always pissed about things, he feels the same as I do, he handles the dirty work.  Proves the point and fights the battles.  Oh where would I be without him, lol. 
Just felt like blogging that to ya.  What are you thoughts Monkey Butts?


  1. I think you maybe miss-judged her, heh? She seems to care a lot for the kids which is really important (especially in the first grade). And of course she struggles a bit, everyone would, but as I already said - she cares and this makes a good teacher (in my opinion this is one of very important characteristics for a teacher).

    I hope that the other teacher will also care for the kids as much as she does and I hope that your daughter will like her/him.

  2. Eh... Ive seen this lady in action, during my visits to school, its very obvious she doesn't handle the kids very well. They run her right over! Poor thing. I know she will toughen up one day. My daughter tells me she is glad to be back in Ms Graduated not too long agos class. She says she didn't like "Ms Just graduated college". Go figure!


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