Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 38, 365 days of 2011.

So I guess today is going to be just like yesterday, oh. yay!  <--- Can you sense the sarcasm?   It's another slow day here in Paradise. I'm patiently awaiting 5:00pm!   It's been a hellacious week, I'm glad it's over. I missed my daughter the last 2 nights because she was with her father.  The worst part of divorce, visitation.  I'm kidding. I'm glad he takes his visitation and hasn't disappeared out of her life like some dead beat dads, so for that I can be thankful!
Playing with color affects on my phone...Guess it's obvious I'm bored, huh? Gave me something to do for a few minutes. I'm not sure how I feel about the black and white, but whatevski!  I took the first photo I got, no click click delete, take a new pic today!  This is what I got! 

So for those following, I've blogged about my Mom having a brain aneurysm a month or so ago, if you are new, or just popping by, CLICK HERE for refreshments!  haha.. 

UPDATERS:  My mom went to the Dr yesterday, they did they thing and what nots.  So, they tell her they will call her tomorrow (which is today) or Monday in regards to when they will do surgery.  Eeeep!  I didn't talk to my Mom last night, I know, tisk tisk, she calls us today.  The Dr has called!  They are bringing her in for Pre-Op on the 23rd and are going to do surgery on the 28th of FEBRUARY!  This month. I'm slightly freaking out, a little. I know she will do just fine, I think it's just fear more than anything.  Fear for her!  Even though I know she will do just fine. I've only ever had a C-section in my life, in regards to surgery and that is a scrapped knee in comparison!  So we are shaking in our Cons right now, my Sis and I, my Mom comes and goes with being upset and all we can do is talk to her and remind her that she knows already that everything will be just fine.  They will take care of this and be done with it.  Right? 

That being said... It's turning into one hell of a month so far.  My daughter went to the ear Dr Monday, they hurt her ears, I told you already, they want us to come back next Monday which will probably be the same thing.  In the event they can't clear them we are also back under anaesthesia with her for new ear tubes.  Ugh!  I hate it.

Princess aka Devil Cat will be in the veterinary office next week getting fixed.  Ugh!  Found an awesome price though.  As long as she comes out alive with all her cute toes and mitteney feets, we are good there!

My Mom's surgery this month! 

It's all adding up, she wants to have family portraits done this weekend as does the "Mr. of the apartment", it's going to be a busy weekend, I need to find time for the gym, but also now have 2 photographer appointments and 1 apartment appointment.  Damn! 

On a good note though, I tried to tell ya all about this last night, I took a kickbox jam class last night at the gym! LOVED IT!  It was so awesome. So now, that makes 2 classes. I love the Step class and now the Kickbox Jam class. I do not care for the Yoga class but I know I will do it again, but it's BORING!

I'm off to find some work to do.  You all have an awesome Friday!  I will try and blog more laters :)

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  1. First of all, the photo is very nice, don't worry about it!

    I'm glad to hear that your mom will have the surgery soon because this means she'll soon be just fine! It's good that you're all positive and supportive!


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