Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lemme sleep, please?!

For me?  Awe aren't you just so sweet!  I suffered from insomnia last night. Oh. Yay!  This doesn't happen to me very often.  I'm not sure why it chose last night either. Very annoying.   I hit the bed and was unable to sleep it crossed my mind to get up and tell you readers about it, but I chose to just lay there and suffer in silence! Yes, please! 

So I made a list... Well a "note" in my cell phone, because I didn't want to get up and hop on blogger to tell you all  the things that were happening during this time.  Definitely interesting... Maybe?

For starters, I'm laying there.  I hear what sounds like crying, sobbing, bawling.  I'm confused.  At first I thought it was fighting, outside somewhere. All I could think was will they pull a gun and start firing upon each other and stray bullets may come through the walls and windows, hitting someone. Eeeep, anxiety kicking in slightly.  Then I roll over, pondering listening  a little harder.  No it sounds more like crying, like I thought originally.  Perhaps the neighbors kids are throwing a tantrum at bed time.  Maybe it will pass soon.  You know kids, they cry and cry till they pass out, usually doesn't take my daughter long at all. Or any other child that I know, for that matter.  So I'm waiting patiently for it to pass.  It does not. I roll again and again ending up on my back so I can listen with both ears!  IT'S SOBBING and talking through the sobs.  Weird...  Wait!  What's this there is another voice, it gets louder at times.. What are they saying?  Damn it... Why can't I sleep?  Oh wait... it's different... Still can't make out any words, all of my neighbors are Spanish speaking, with the exception for the boy who is in Kindergarten, is it Kindergarten or Kindergarden?  (I thought that during my insomnia... Keep reading, it's gets better, lol)  So they are crying and talking... I'm wondering if the upstairs neighbor DIED or something and the wife? is crying and someone is holding her hand and talking to her. Maybe I should go check on them?  So they keep going... NO... IT'S CRYING WHILE TALKING... AND SOMEONE ELSE SOUNDS LIKE HE'S PRAYING.  Weird.  What the fuck is going on up there!  Uggghhhh please stop. 

OH yes... Something else to keep me awake.  SNORING!  The "Mr. of our apartment" snores!  Loudly at times.  And has.. sleep apnea?  It sounds like he just stops breathing at times, quiet, no noise, then there is a slight shaking? that happens and he's back to snoring. Odd.. But who am I to judge who does what when they sleep.  I talk in my sleep and have sat and attempted to have conversations while sleeping.  Yep. I'm that gal!

So... with the snoring and sobbing and praising?  I'm unable to sleep.  Oh! What's this?  The praising has stopped?  The sobbing has ceased? Oh. Yay! I hear them going down the stairs!  Halle-fucking-lujah!!!  Still curious as to what the hell went on up there though.  At last, 1 noise down.  Shall I cover the "Mr. of our apartments" face with a pillow?  I'm kidding.  It doesn't always bother me and most times I can just pass out, just not last night!

Holy hell what is this noise I hear now.  Well, Mr. of the upstairs is either A) not dead as I previously thought or B) she moved on really fast!  THAT noise is a squeaky bed! Oh. Gawd. NO!  I can't handle sex noises, not now, not now!  haha.. TMI I'm sure, but hey if you made it this far, pat yourself on the back!  And my upstairs neighbor needs a new damn bed!  Or move that bish away from the wall! Like for real!

And here we are, the end of the post, something I pondered as I'm counting sheep trying to sleep.. They taught me in school it's "I" before "E" except after "C".  Is this right?  If so then why is it neighbor?  Is it Nieghbor?  No it's not!  That even looks messed up!  And Weird?  Wierd looks funny too!  See, those aren't "I" before "E". It makes no sense when I think about  it!

So now you know what I think about when I'm suffering from insomnia!  What's on your mind, Monkey Butt?

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