Monday, October 18, 2010

My 2nd Favorite time of the year!

October, November and December maybe my favorite months of the year!  I wonder if it's possible for them to change the time of year these fall into?  That would be AWESOME! 

October.....I love love love Halloween, altho Im totally irritated this year with trying to find/decide, whatever, an awesome costume for myself.  I really really really wanted to be "Hit Girl" from the "Kick Ass" movie.  Well Ive gone through the wig shops and cannot find me a purple wig... Pisser #1!  Then there is the costume itself.  I googled this costume and it looks like plain crapola!  Like its made of colored garbage bags.  Pisser #2 .. And well peicing all this stuff together will cost me a FORTUNE, they fortune I don't have.. .BECAUSE I HAVE A CRAPOLA DEAD END JOB! ..<--  That's pisser # 3 and #4!  So Ive gone through the web and costume stores and Im stuck between deciding on Pirate chic or Mad Hatter Chic style!  Gah decisions decisions.  I miss the days when my mom would dress me and handle all this for me, haha... I love my mom!

November...... I am a November baby and I always make sure to have lotsa fun whenever possible for my Bday.  Every year I get older, so I have to make sure to have more and more fun!  haha.. Then ofcourse there is THANKSGIVING! Nom Nom Nom..... that's me munching on all my favorite foods! My mom is the bestest cook in our family, I always make my sweet potatoes, but she handles the rest and it is oh so yummers!

December...... That's an easy one.  It's Christmas time.  I love the Christmas season, it isn't about the toys or gifts or whatever, Im 28 yrs old, I don't want gifts. I am Santa Claus.  Christmas season is the season for me to be happy and nice!  Plus the eating thing again.  haha.. I love my Mom's cooking, she only cooks these awesome foods around the holidays. We spend a lot of time with family and we just have an awesome time!  I love it! 

Now to wrap all this nonsense up.  I want all of these months to fall in the summer!  I want Christmas in July, I want it to be warm.  I want to move to the equator for the winter. I wonder if I can bribe my family to move with me for the winter??? Im sure they will laugh in my face, tell me to get more layers on or something.  It's not fair!  I don't want to be cold....  grrr!  If it's not obvious, my favorite time of year is SUMMERTIME!  I can live without the spring, fall or winter! 

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