Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Another rainy day here at "Kindercare Towing" in Duluth, GA!  I call it kindercare because we have the worlds most pissy,moany, bitchy tow truck driver EVAR!  Lawd! Why am I blessed with such idiocy! I'll never understand!

So..Ive decided on my Halloween costome, for those who read or follow my babbles!
BAM! She's sooo purdy!  I will say I am no Uma Thurman!  I did however purchase me an oh so adorable red wig last night, it's soooo purdy!  I never would have thought I could be a red head.  It's AWESOME! So after rummaging through my closet and coming up for air unsuccessfully. We googled red heads, Bang Pow Boom, Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy!  RAWK!  It is meant to be!  It shall be me.  My costume won't be a one piece leotard like hers, but I can get this awesome green dress from one of my dearest friends!

 No cha-ching, cause it's free! Then I have to find me a house plant to trash, some gloves to dye, green fish nets and some red shoes, cause there is no way I can paint my boots green. I heart them so much! So. It is a plan. I am really excited and am now actually ready for Halloween to be here!  Well almost.  Still have to find a make-up master, there is no way I qualify to do make-up!

And my creativity has run wild today and this is what Ive come up with for my Jamie!
Ah Heath Ledger you were so dreamy!  I just know we can piece this together smoothly and be a smashing couple for the party!

It's a Rawking day today in this rainy lil' GA town, but it's ok. I get off work  at 5pm and no more pissy moany tow truck driver!  woot Wooot! 

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  1. I love the costume ideas - I'm GREEN with Envy!


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