Friday, July 27, 2012

This just in: Oven's on

Brace yourselves Dingleberries, this is going to come as a surprise. Mr Monkey Butt and I have decided, well more like I've convinced myself that the monkey butts should add to our little family.  You're reading that right and no I don't mean we're getting another dog, a third guinea pig or any other 'pet' you can think of.

The oven is officially on and we're hoping to bring another bundle of joy in the world. That's right, another 'fury' poo flinging little turd to bless upon this world.

I'm terrified and excited,  worried and sappy. All at the same time.

I'm prepared for either, have already told Mama Monkey Butt and some of my girl friends, but I just had to spill the beans to you all as well.

I'm 30-something, I can't keep waiting or it just won't happen. No better time than the present right?  We've not told Pokey yet, considering my age and all, I don't want to get her hopes up just  yet.  Just in case you know.

My heartbreak will be bad enough, don't want to try to explain that one, plus there is the whole birds and bees things.  Yea, I've never been prepared for this one. It's going  to happen, I think. I don't know what to tell her.

Heyalp! What did you tell your kids?  About birds and bees and sex and stuff, hahahah..

I've already got names though, hey, dis Monkey dont' frak around, check it, what you think ..

  • Ara Wesley (boy) 
  • Ella Louise (girl) 

Hang in  there!


  1. SO exciting!!! Good luck...have fun with the "baking" and I love the names! :)

  2. Wow! Great news, I hope. Love junior's caption. My sidekick says you should name the little MB Scrappy.

  3. Suprise, Suprise, Suprise! : )

    You hooked me on the oven before I read further, I was thinking that oven would look so nice in your new house! LoL

    I've never had any children so the birds and the bee's thing is over my heads. As a bystander, in this day and age, I think kids need to hear the truth.

    In my family, the young ones are part of the baby caring process, that way they know just how much time and work that it takes and aren't in such a hurry to make one!

    Best wishes to you and your's Doria, Congardulations!

  4. Aww that's awesome! As for "the talk" the only advice I can think of is not to openly cringe when asked questions lol

  5. I'm absolutely thrilled for you, Doria - I really am! And I agree with Hazel, just try and be as cool as you can about it.

    When I felt it was time for my other kids to know, I used to focus and make a fuss on the 'you're gonna be a big sister/brother' side of things, and how important their role with the new arrival's gonna be! ♥

  6. that was such a cute way to announce your new baby! I'm far too literal. I would have just said, I'm pregnant or I'm having a baby. but, CONGRATULATIONS and hoping for all to be the best ever!!!!!!

  7. That's a big oven I should say first I thought its some old computer stuff !
    We use microwave at our place and never used an oven so its quite exciting to read about it!
    Please do something with your template I want that "reply" thing over here too because I really miss your replies.
    Hope you'll figure out something soon! :)


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