Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Old witch


There is this... woman who comes in to the office as of lately. It annoys the hell out of me they way people around here seem to drop on their knees and worship the ground this old witch looking woman walks on.

I just want to puke all over the floor she's walking on!

She drives this ugly little car that she calls her baby. It's just as ugly as she is.

The men around here seem to think she's something special? They're all idiots as far as I'm concerned.  Not that my opinion matters much these days, or around here, I can still rant and ramble about it for all of those who will read it. HA!

Ugly old ass witch looking woman.  Will be glad when she's done this time around and goes away so that I don't have to hear her voice anymore!


  1. Life is way too short to have to be around folks like that Doria. Seems they are everywhere these days making life difficult. Hopefully she will stay away from you for a while. Happy Wednesday.

  2. I feel the same way about certain bloggers. Everyone falls at their feet and thinks they're awesome whereas I'm like, fuck off! lol!

  3. Don't bend over next to an oven with this woman in the room.
    I'm just sayin'....
    At least that's what Mom told us about Grandma.

  4. It's seems like there is always some worthless hump like that anywhere you go these days. Party poopers, kill joy's, who needs 'um!

    I still remember that "worthless hump" comment by a Texan that I met while living in Mexico. I always thought that was funny, anyone he didn't like was a "worthless hump!"

    Hang in there Doria! Don't let her drag you down!

    Keep Your Sunny Side Up~! Peace

  5. Don't allow her to steal your sunshine. I always ignore those kind of people. That really seems to tick them off and that way they can't rain on my parade.

  6. Damn you must live near me as that sounds just like my

    When everyone else seems to like someone and act like they are so special I will decide not to because I am not a sheep I am a person and I have mind being it a bit cold and lazy yes it doesn't like to work to much

    Oh yeah I came here from Mynx's blog so she is the one to blame for me being her........

    Lastly do you like evil monkeys and have you heard of the king of evil monkeys "George"


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