Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Good Morning Dingleberries, Happy Wednesday! 
Back for another episode of What I'm loving...

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I'm loving these super awesome tree of life pictures, I'm definitely in the market for a new tattoo, as soon as my bank account  will allow it!

I love the colors and everything that's going on in this one, so pretty!

I love the message this one has with it, that live, love, cherish, dream, smile, laugh and family. Especially the family part of it, Because aren't all these things what make a tree of life.

The only words I have for this one really is just WOW!  Stumbled upon this while searching and was blown away at it's awesomeness.  Check the source, very cool!

I'm loving these super cool awesome skull and crossbones, or jolly rogers, I've shared this before I think. I plan on also having one of these for a new tattoo.  Guess I've got tattoos on the brain today!

I think I really like 5 and 6.  Still up in the air with this one though and giving it plenty of thought before making it a permanent addition to the monkey....arm.

A very cute chef hat with a skull, look he has a cute fork and spoon under him  instead. I think Tim would totally love this one as would a lady friend I know.  Guess that covers 2 people on my shopping list this year for Christmas.  

Way to kill two birds with one stone right?  Yea, so I don't think I'd go this far with it, but very cool poster!

I'm loving this alternative fashion, check it out.  Takes me back a few more years. 

Rehab showing coming up this weekend, but I go rawk some of these tights.  It's been a minute since I've worn anything cute, perhaps this weekend it will happen.  Cross ya fingers and hope for me!

Lastly, before your brains rot out with my mindless babble this week,  I'm loving these pictures from an email I received earlier in the week from Odie, shit had me giggling all day.  

Laughing again!!

One little lie there, I forgot to mention again I'm loving each and every one of you who have been so kind and loving to send prayers and well wishes for Mama Monkey butt, I'm loving you guys and gals.  

Have a Happy Wednesday!

Hang in there!


  1. hahahaha nice candle! Better watch out, from that end it might blow the match out!!

    I like the skull with the tree growing out of it's head : )

  2. I don't think I'm brave enough to rock those tights but they sure are cute. Dang, I want that candle!!!! It reminds me of my Dad, the fart king.

  3. that alternative fashion pics look very cool!


  4. I guess that's one way to get rid of annoying butt hairs. As long as you don't fart.

  5. Wow Doria you had a ton of stuff for us today. So many to choose from, just take your time as it will be permanent once it's part of you. Hope your mama is feeling stronger and better every day. Take care,

  6. I haven't been called a Dingleberry in eons! haha.
    I love Odie. I got that same email and laughed all the way through it.

  7. I love how the candle is burning at both ends!

  8. What a wonderful collection of images—I love them all! You’ll have some fabulous tattoos to choose from!

    As for the last two images, they’re by the very talented Terry Border who calls his work and blog Bent Objects. I love his imagination and creativity and am a big fan of his quirky work!

  9. I really love that first tree of life picture. I could really use that for my wall!!

  10. "I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree." ~Joyce Kilmer I love those tree pics!!


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