Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 203, 2012

Thursday, July 26th
Wow, got a lot of comments today on the blogoland. Just want to shout out to all my fellas and gals out there, for being so awesome and showing a monkey butt so much love.

We had an interesting day at work today, total pain the arse kind of day. Somethings went down, some words got said and well we're short a driver again.  I know he was just a kid and I knew he wouldn't last long, but dang, less than a week. We know how to run em off don't we?  So now we play the waiting game and searching game...again.

For those who are new, I work at a small towing company and by small I mean there are only 3 of us on the payroll.  It hasn't always been this way, but things have picked up A LOT. lately.  We need to hire about 2 more people at this point, towing business has picked up. For that I am glad, but it does mean I have to do my blogging at home now. 

Im not giving up on my 365 posts this year. I will say that next year I'm taking Hazels idea and I'm going to just put them on a page all their own and for those who give a shit, you can check it out.  Ya  know me though. I'm super conceded most of the time, so you will always be seeing my purdy face on my blog.  Hells, how else you posta know who you dealing with?

I'm reading and seeing a lot of my peoples are gone lately, they aren't posting anymore. This makes me a sad! I keep hoping they will come back. I don't think they will and I've no idea how to remove them from my list. Doh!

Lastly, we spoke to the bank peoples today and things are still in the works. Ugh!  Were forced to file another extension with HUD, this time they say we probably won't get that money back. Doesn't seem fair to me, because  it's not our fault that things are taking so long.  So , we keep waiting.  Seems like life lately is one big waiting game.  What the frak is up with that?

Well readers, dear Dingleberries.. I must catch up on some more sleep. Will be glad for Friday, always am! 

Hang in there!


  1. Work is being a pain for me too so you are not alone there. Love you in yellow. So pretty

  2. That is a lovely shot of you and of course you are purdy, everyone knows that and if the pics go somewhere else i will be there in a heartbeat.
    I am a member of AAA and I sure appreciate people like where you work coming to my aid on numerous occasions. AAA, don't leave home without it.
    Happy Friday Sweet Thang.

  3. That day will come Doria, no need to rush it, 20 to 30 years of mortgage payments are much better than rent money that is just like flushing money down the toilet.

    When I turn 65 my house should be paid for, that's because my late bloomer butt didn't buy until I was 35! I actually think without a mortgage payment or rent, I will be able to live on Social Security if it's still there when I reach age.

    If'n my SS money isn't there when I get old enough, I'll still git 3 hots and a cot 'cause I'll be robbing a bank : )


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