Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend post, 2012

Here we are at Sunday this week dear Dingleberries. We hit a bump this week and Mama Monkey Butt was admitted into the hospital. I'm glad they didn't send her home to get worse (possibly) I will say I'm glad that she has a caring Dr. One who actually shows some interest in his patients and does what he can to keep them going. 

For those who have visited my blog over the weekend, already know we hit a bump with Mama Monkey Butts cancer battles. It's a rough time right now, I'm very very very thankful for all of the awesome comments you left me this weekend.  You guys and gals are really some of the best out there and I'm thankful for it all. I hope that you will all continue to pray for Mama Monkey Butt and my sanity at this point! 

Day 189,
Thursday, July 12th

I actually manged to straight up forget this days picture. Spent the majority of the day at the Hematology office with Mama Monkey Butt and then the majority of the night in her hospital room.  Was so happy to see them get the steroids going and her regain some of herself back as the night progressed.

Day 190,
Friday July, 13th

 Papa Monkey Butt wasn't too happy with me blerting out that it was Friday 13th. Still unsure why that is.  Oh well, we made it through the day, nothing went wrong. He's just a spaz.  Mama Monkey Butt did some improving, but of course she wasn't going to hear the words we were all hoping, go home. I didn't complain, I'm glad they were wanting to make sure she was well and of course they had to transport her over for her first radiation treatment.  Quick and painless, from what she tells me.  She will be going for 15 days of radiation, Monday thru Friday.  Pray for Mama Monkey Butt, we need the radiation to kill off the cancer in her brain.

Day 191,
Saturday, July 14th

No radiation for Mama Monkey Butt today, but she did show some more improvement.  You'd be amazed as to how different she was before, it was shocking really to watch her go through this weekend and constantly seeing more and more of Mama Monkey Butt surface again.  Thankful.   Still not going home though!

Day 192,
Sunday, July 15th
It's been a helluva weekend. I don't want to go through this shit again, lol.  They say you have to get worse sometimes before you can get better.  I think this is the worst and now we can get on the road to remission.  So stop throwing your words like brain cancer and terminal at me, because you're wrong and she's going to prove you wrong.  You sick bastards! 

Thank each and everyone of you again, it means the world to me that you care so much to send your well wishings and prayers Mama Monkey Butts way! 

With love, I won't throw poo at you today!

Hang in there! 


  1. Oh sweet lady, sending you and your family lots of positive energy and love.
    Stay strong and look after yourself too.
    It does sound like she is getting the best care possible and that is what she needs.
    Fingers crossed she will be well enough to come home to you soon

  2. I can't imagine what this is like. All I can say is hang in there, you've got a ton of people who care about you, and you're in both of our prayers!

  3. Glad you are keeping a positive outlook and we'll continue to pray for her complete recovery. Happy Monday Sweet Thang.

  4. Good Day Doria! Awww you look soooo tired in that Sunday photo.

    My prayers continue. You just Hang In Thar!


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