Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 176, 2012

Friday, June 30th 
Hey hey hey my Dingleberries.

This just in, my shift key doesn't seem to wanna work properly. I wonder what is up with that. Pretty nightmareish if you ask me.  Oh wells,

So I've seen everyone's comments on today's Friday Photo.  Thanks everyone.  Thinking of a place like that, though it makes me sick when i snap out of my day dream really got me through the day.  Thinking that one day one of you readers might have one of those and invite me to come stay with you. I'm excited really.  It's really an inviting photo isn't it?

Here we are at Friday, thank gawd  finally.  I tend to bitch and complain all week long but it tends to come pretty quickly.  I love how that works! All and all it went OK I'd say.

So it's going to be hard to train myself to use the shift key on the right instead of the left. Wishing I were ambidextrous right now.  ha ha

So what's everyone planning for the weekend?  I've a bit of work to do on Saturday, but it shouldn't take long and it's extra money. Which Verizon, among others would love to get their hands on.  Being broke sucks!

I've gotta take the time tomorrow morning and take MAXimus to the doggie park. He will enjoy that, he usually does.

We're going to spend the weekend in the triple digits, awesome!

Time to spend by the pool, that's OK with me!

Check out the fishey's new hizzle, pokey say's his name is Partier ... I don't understand. I guess he's like Slurm MaKenzie or something?  She doesn't know who that is.

There isn't much of anything better than watching a few episodes of Futurama.  Check it out.

Happy Friday Dingleberries,

Hang in there!


  1. Weekend over for me so I hope you are enjoying your lovely warm weather.

    Your fish bowl is really pretty too

  2. Well Sweet Thang, I made it through the weekend and had my coffee so I am ready for this Monday and will mainly be trying to keep me and doggies cool. It's times like this when I wish we had a pool but sadly we don't. Take care and have a great one my friend.

  3. Well, I WAS enjoying my weekend, and then it flew by like nothing. :(

    Hello Monday. We meet again.

  4. New keyboards are about $15, Salvation Army here has them for $3

    Hang in there Doria!


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