Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 159, 2012

Tuesday, June 12th
Well Happy Tuesday Dingleberries, did you all catch the oh so lovely Flo this morning on this weeks Music for a Tuesday? Like I said, that woman makes my day brighter, her voice gives me good bumps! She's my lady crush if I do so admit it!

Where was I before I got carried away there on the oh so lovely Flo?

  • My hair is still pissing me off, the terrible fading that's going on. Everyone is all like, oh did you change your hair again? It looks bright?  I'm thinking to myself, you effin retards!  How can  you stand there and tell me it looks bright.  They're retards I tell you.  Annoying jackasses who enjoy making me want to choke them. 
  • There is still no new news on the house buying process. That bugs me, slightly. I'm typically a patient person in regards to some things.  Things I can't control. Like muscle mass and laziness. Oh and the oh so great process called home buying... Effn bullshit!  Remind me bloggers never to buy another home.  
  • Is retard technically PC these days?  Can I say that on the interwebs without being brought up on charges for offending someone? Oh wait, this is the great country of USA where no one has a sense of humor (you guys not included) and everyone is all oversensitive and emotional.  UGH! 
  •  I need to work on my WILW post coming up tomorrow. I've nothing lined up so far this week and honestly don't know where to begin. 
  • It's one of those weeks.
  • I need more sleep, among other things.
So there we have what I'm thinking on this Tuesday.  It's been a slow week thus far. I don't know what happening from day to day and I feel that I need to know it all at times. Just can't seem to get around to it.

  • I'm all caught up on Hell's Kitchen
  • Don't get me started on True Blood, I've not been able to watch that yet. UGH

I really just want to sit down and watch Twilight for the umteenth time (don't judge me).

Till next time,

Hang in there!


  1. I've has something similar happen on several occasions with my hair, but it's usually when I get it cut. Because I wear it up under a ball cap at work, it takes ages for my coworkers to notice! I find it amusing sometimes...

    The paperwork involved in house buying is ridiculous! I wonder how many trees died in order for the bank to find out whether or not one can afford a home loan!

    I've never like the word 'retard'. And it has nothing to do with being PC. There's just something about the word itself that rubs me the wrong way. Besides, there are far more creative ways for me to enunciate what I think of someones intelligence level ;-)

    Thinking about curling up on the couch and watching 'Harry Potter' again, myself...

  2. Home buying was a huge pain in the butt. But, I was younger so I dealt with it. Now, I'm just sick and tired of taking care of it (i.e., cutting the grass, taking care of the pool, etc). Since my last child graduated from high school last night, I just want to buy a condo or something and have someone else do all that crap for me.


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