Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hello Wednesday, how is everyone doing this lovely day? The weather is nice and warm and awesome. I'm stuck at work. On a not so good note, someone broke into my car at some point last night or this morning..

So this is what I'm NOT loving!
So let's move along to what I am loving, because this should be good!

I'm loving ... That the asshats who thought they could get something for free were only able to get away with a face plate.  A face plate, that unless you have the exact 10 year old car stereo is fraking useless to you. So today I will uninstall the stereo, dip it in a bucket of water and leave it sitting out for your sorry ass. See if you can make that shit work!!

I'm loving ....  These car stereos, I can't rawk them, but they're awesome aren't they?

I can't even being to imagine the noise that would come from these speakers. I'd imagine the theif would have gotten away with a lot more had I had all of this installed in my car!  Bah!

I'm loving ... These car security options

I was very lucky, because they opened the door on my car. Yea I don't lock my doors because my window cost a whole hell of a lot more than that stereo bought back in 2001.
I can picture it now, letting Max sleep in or on the car to keep the bad folks away!  Max is a bit of an asshole, like the rest of us, so I think he can handle that shit!
Something about this guy getting shocked to shit made me LOL.

I hope everyone is having an awesome Wednesday, till next time!

Hang in there!


  1. Aww I'm sorry! At least they didn't get anything too valuable!

  2. Also glad there was no really expensive damage but sorry you have to deal with shit like this. I have often wished I could have an electric charge fix the cat that walks all over my red Ford Taurus leaving sandy prints everywhere.
    I'm not a very trusting person as I always lock my doors and even have a locking gas cap. Take care and stay cool my friend.

  3. That is so horrible! There is a rash of those crimes here, too. Mostly teenagers literally running from car to car checking for unlocked doors. Uggh...why can't they just get a job. It sure is a lot easier than sneaking around in the night.

    The faceplate sure wasn't worth the felony risk! He'll get caught one day...they all do.


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