Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Music For A Tuesday: One Love

One of my favorite, all time favorite, Bob Marley songs. I smile a little every time I hear it. It's funny, something about Bob Marley and I know it's just the hair that reminds me of this man I knew way back when. He was an awesome guy,. always nice and sweet and fun to hang out with. He's still around, though he doesn't have his hair. He actually got rid of those before we became friends, though I'd seen him around with them.

He always struck me as the type that could jam to some Bob Marley. Always smoking pot and menthol cigarettes and hanging out in the basement.

Very cool guy.

Isn't it weird how the oddest things make you think of someone and how much you miss having them around at times?

Life is weird, friendships are weird. When people come and go. Or you meet someone you choose to be with in more than a friendly manor and it's scary and annoying when they won't understand.  When they won't approve of your friendship.

Life is weird, but it's ONE Love, so enjoy!

Hang in there! 


  1. Marley is a legend of peace and love. A man of kindness and wisdom! Thanks Doria!

  2. Doria that was a wonderful selection to include for your Tuesday post. He is a legend and it was a treat hearing this tune.
    Lots of things can trigger memories and music is tops. For me it is tunes from back in the ancient past of 1965 through 1968 that has the most memories. Have a great evening.


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