Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday's Monkey Butt

I thought to myself it could be a funny post this week to get some good drunken monkey photos going on here. Who wouldn't, couldn't love a drunk monkey?  Hell I'm actually reconsidering this whole thing because I'd actually love to see some Drunk  Monkeys. 

However, I did come across this one here. The Drunken Monkey Hostel . Let me start by saying their website though not too flashy or amazing isn't too bad. Then again I am no expert or even give a shit really what their website is like. Although there have been times that I've chosen not to visit or shop somewhere due to their crappy website. This one isn't too bad..

I personally don't think I'd ever stay at this Hostel, for starters there is that movie.. Ya know, Hostel?  That aside, the website does show a lot of younger party goer types.  I myself, love to think I'm young...ish and there have been times I'd love to have a drink or 5.  But something about being in a foreign country, not being able to speak the language and getting trashed. Just sounds like a story that won't end well for me! 

Then again, no one wants the olds hanging around while you're trying to party it up!

Plus I'd really hate to be the old one that couldn't hang with the yungens.  I think it might make me feel

Back to the Hostel, The Drunken Monkey Hostel is located in Zadar Croatia. Is it bad that with out the Google or the Wiki I'd no idea where the frak Zadar or Croatia is?  I've heard of Croatia, but really, that doesn't say much. I hear a lot of things, make up a lot of funny words as well. Most of my friends are guilty of the same.  So I spent some time on the Google and not only did I find a Drunken Monkey Hostel I found other stuff too. Excited aren't you?

Roman Ruins, Zadar was once a Roman Colony. I love Roman history and all history.  I should have been a historian! I'm sure of it!!

I'd actually recommend you click that source there and check it out, Nomader What.  She's an amazing blogger and photographer, granting me permission to share her lovely photo and well she's a bit of a traveler. Makes me jealous really!  Go ahead, check her out!  Very cool!

Churches!! Zadar appears to have some awesome churches.  Now for those that know me, know I'm not typically one to be caught in a church. I have my reasons, don't judge me.  Churches are however something I enjoy seeing. I've actually wanted to visit many a foreign country just to visit their churches and monestarys. Ahhh I love them!

St Donat Church
A Byzantine style dating back to the 9th century. Oh My Wow. I'd love to wander around in there for a few hours. 

The Cathedral of St Anastasia, you can actually see it in the picture above. love it!

Franciscan Monastery and Church

St Simeon Church

From this angle, many thanks to the person who took it, but I don't much care for this church. It's...very orange.  Doesn't even look like a church, but who am I to judge another country and their choice of churches. Right?  It does contain the chest of St  Simeon said to be a master goldsmith works.

it is pretty awesome looking isn't it?

Now that we've had a history lesson and learned so much about Zadar and Croatia.  Let's wrap this shit up shall we? At this point, I've really strayed away from anything Monkey related.


Frogfish. Ever heard of it? Ever ate it? Nomader What actually suggested I go eat some frogfish.  Nomader What doesn't know me from John's house cat and doesn't know that I hate fish, pretty much all fish. I'd love to cook some, ya know. For other people. But count me out on eating any of it and well, Frog?  I'm not sure I could ever eat a frog.  It's  Would I get warts in my mouth?  Yuck!  Someone, go try this!

Lastly, let's cover one more piece of Croatia, Zadar.   

Sea Organ

Says it's an experimental musical instrument that plays music by the waves of the sea.  I'd love to see this.  Maybe one day I will visit Croatia after all. Even if it's only to catch a glimpse of this frogfish and this sea organ.

There ya go Dingleberries, 

Hang in there!


  1. A+ post today gurl! I bet a drunken monkey can fling a lot of poo! : )

    I saw that movie Hostel. Hostels are really for people touring Europe on a shoe string budget. Kind of like the old Grateful Dead summer tours living like a gypsy : )

    When you are young it's not bad. Yeah you share rooms and bathrooms with strangers, same as school really : )

    Again, great post!

  2. What a coincidence! When I was on the ship, we visited Dubrovnik and Split in 1978 (yes, I am that old). Those cities may be in Croatia, for all I know, but it was still Yugoslavia back then.
    But, we did have a chance to be drunken monkeys.
    Which was great fun until we started flinging poo at passersby.

  3. Next time I'm in Croatia I know where I'm going!

  4. @Tim .. I imagine if I ever see Europe I will be on a shoe string budget. Unless of course some rich relative croaks and leaves me a lot of money. We're talking DISTANT relative though :)

    @Al .. Must say I'm a bit jealous, very cool!

    @A Beer .. .There better be pictures, on the website :)

  5. That sea organ is pretty cool :-)

    Got your postcard this past week - Thank you!! And Bazinga got her monkey butt hug ;-)


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