Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday's Monkey Butt

Hello and welcome back to our normally scheduled programming.   This week we've stumbled on :

The Amazing Monkey Hooks!

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For those who are patriotic you'll be pleasantly surprised to know these things are made in the USA. 
Speaking of, how many of us Americans have/are noticing all the shit labeled made in USA these days?  The news tells me there are even retailers who open their businesses and sell ONLY products made in the USA. Me? Well I've got no money, so my broke monkey ass ain't buying nothing.  
Yay America! 
The land of the broke!
Back to the Monkey Hooks. I know ya all wanna learn all about the monkey hook. Keep in mind I've not bought these for my walls YET.  I'm saving that money for after the move. Then I'm going to need these for all the picture hanging I need to get myself into!

It's advertised to be the best thing since sliced bread (they never actually said that). Here to make your wall hanging experience as easy as pie!

So you can tackle all your dry wall hanging needs, from pictures, groups of pictures and even the oh so difficult to hang mirrors.  Now I don't know about you monkey butts butt I'm actually in need of these things? lols. Like I said, after the great move (if indeed there is a move) these little bastards are on my shopping list.  How can I not buy them? They're MONKEYHOOKS!  It's like they're made for the Monkey Butt!  

LMFAO at the video ... Enjoy! 

Hang in there!


  1. Loved that video! The guy was almost hypnotizing the way his bug eyes kept growing bigger and bigger. And I kept wanting to tell him to clear his throat! I could barely concentrate on the product because I found him so fascinating. :D

  2. Gotta love those infomercials for stuff we don't actually need, lol!

    Honestly, I wouldn't feel comfortable hanging anything on drywall unless it was secured with the proper drywall anchor.

  3. It looked as if that woman at the end was getting ready to hang up the poor chimp!


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