Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 174 & 175, 2012

First thing for the day I got a special mail box surprise today!  From my new, dear Dingleberry of a friend out in North Carolina. Super cool kind of guy, Odie :) 
Thanks Odie!
Here we are at Thursday already, I managed to get in a post today. Today's MOnkey Butt, it was in no way impreswsive if you ask me, but thanks for all the lovely comments.  I'm serious, I hope to see some art work trickle in.  Some of you have my mailing address and most of you have my email, if not it's really easy to get it.  So let me know!!  Pokey drew me a lovely Monkey tonight and is excited to draw another for me later. I know you are all excited to see those as well. Mine on the other hand, well it will most likey look really bad.  Just to put it the nicest way possible!

Now for some catch up time, luckily I've only missed one day of my 365 posts. I've got to do better this weekend as well. I don't like playing catch up on Mondays.  Isn't my fav thing to do ya know?!

Day 174,
Wednessday, June 27th
Wednesday was a very long day, well very slow day.  I think I've decided that I will look for work up in the area of the new city we're moving back to. Athens is the closest city to where we will be living.  Gwinnett is huge and over flowing with work when the economy isn't too bad. Honestly when times were rough I'd see now hiring signs around. People down here are just too damn lazy to apply themselves. It makes me sad sometimes.

So I think I've decided I want  to find something up that way.  They pay won't be the same and it may be hard at first, but I think I can manage. I won't leave my current job until then.  Then again, Mr Monkey Butt says they may not let me go. Hell if they'll pay me more, I might consider staying, but we're talking a significant amount more. Not a measly cent raise, we're talking bucks.

I want to commit to a Culinary School also. I think I'd really like to cook. But I'm still torn at wanting to be a police officer.  Decisions, Decisions. 

Day 175,
June 28th, 2012
It's been a helluva week, I will be glad when the work eek part of it is over.  I will be working a few hours on Saturday though, auction stuff and stuff.  It shouldn't take too long though. I hope.  We were able to find the face plate for my player on ebay for like 30 bucks.  Yessss!  Ordered and waiting for the mail, probably take  a month or something, knowing my luck!!!  Hopefully it will just pop on and work right then. No codes or anything needed.  I'm hoping, you all should also.  I need some good luck vibes my way!

Well I'm off friends,  Have an awesome Friday tomorrow. Will see you then! 

Hang in there! 


  1. Buttering bread to me is I don't do it. I probably need to go to school, but then I also hate to do dishes.

  2. Hmmm playing with knives as a chef or having a gun as a cop...? Decisions decisions!

    Seriously though, I've always thought being a cop would be cool :)

    I might send you a monkey pic later!

  3. I may have a solution to your school choices. A week or so ago, I had this crazy dream that ended with a cop who had the words "fondue cop" on the side of his cruiser and a fondue pot on the console from which he passed out samples. Moral of the story- you could do both. In dreams, at least.

  4. Hey Sweet Thang, thought I saw something familiar when your post popped up. Glad you got it. Either profession you mentioned would be rewarding. The later I got into life the more I liked to cook and now a lot of my time is watching either cooking shows or QVC (In the kitchen with David) learning about new gadgits to help in food prep. Good luck with your decision making process and stay cool today as we are looking at triple digits again.
    Happy Friday.

  5. Doria, a good pastry chef makes way, way more than a police officer! Good luck on any decision you make!


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