Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Music For A Tuesday: NIN

I found myself in another unknown place, a place I'd never dreamt before.
Nearest me, my best friend. Her beauty never ceasing to amaze me.
The room was dark and large. Smelling of stale smoke and dim lit.
There he sat, I'd seem him around. The new kid!  Always seemed a little strange to me.
He sat with his back to us as we approached. The noise travelling from his grand piano.
My soul fluttered.
My heart skipped a beat.
I was in love

-true story-


  1. Nice! It was bad enough I have been frustarted at work, the refurbished computer I bought a few weeks ago was having problems. I took it back and they worked on it once, think I just got a lemon this time.

    I've been too tired to even care until today. I took it back and exchanged it for a newer one for $100 more.

    That's what's so good about buying local, they back up their stuff. The other one was still WindowsXP and this one is Windows 7 and works so much better! I'm glad they worked with me knowing I do all my business there, even though I just buy refurbished.

    I'm once again a happy customer of Brainwaves.com~!! Thanks Ladies : )

  2. That's a fab piano version. It was an instrumental piece anyhow, if I remember rightly...? Kids love 'em!

    You know, I never did take after my father on the piano, found it too hard, just had to stick to the six strings.......*sigh*


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