Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 151, 2012

Monday, June 4th
T'was a Monday from hell, though they all seem to be that way don't they?  Came into work today and we have a new manager.  Apparently the bosses decided it wasn't working out with the old one.  Saddens me a little, because he's just like all the other working people out there. We need our jobs, unemployment isn't the line we want to be standing in. Not me anyway.  So  I'm sad for him losing his job but I'm hoping the new one can turn things around and make things better. So far he definitely has more energy than anyone I've seen in there in a while. It's a good change, but he's a yungen and sometimes they tend to get out of hand or whiny or bitchy. Just like the rest of us!

Anyone else catch Hells Kitchen tonight?  I love that show, I love Chef Ramsey. I let Pokey watch it tonight, I regretted it a few times when they'd drop their damn curse words, yea I'm anal about that. Don't judge me. I get my cussing out online, lols. She can't see it there.  By the time she's old enough to see it she will be old enough to know what curse words are.  I do drop them on occasion though. I'm only human you know!

I also ran my first Zombie post today, did anyone catch it.  I'm doing OK with it I think. A few more to pound out and luckily I'm tying it  in with my normal shit as well!! 

Goodnight Dingleberries,

Hang in there! 


  1. Sometimes what a business needs is that young high energy to get everyone happy again, it's kind of contagious and picks everyone up. Sorry somebody had to lose a job, been there!

  2. we seem to have a revolving door of management at the moment. happily it has made some positive changes.
    At least in my company, it is more moving staff around rather than people losing jobs

  3. I'm taping Hells Kitchen - we'll discuss.....


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