Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 35 & 36, 2012

Day 35,
Friday, February 10th
Another fabulous Friday.  All the excitement for tonight's release of Twilight's Breaking Dawn.  Shut it! This wont take long ;)

Party started at 11:00pm, I wasn't there on time. Why is it I'm never on time for shit!  It worked out though. I was there for the best part, got my copy of the movie and got the hells out of there. I'm old-ish. I need sleep ya know!  And that is exactly what I did when I got home! 

Day 36,
Saturday, February 11th
So it's Saturday.  Very very cold Saturday.  Mr Monkey Butt is watching something on Netflix.  I've no idea what exactly it is, I know he told me, but I always manage to forget that stuff.  I'm typically more of a comedy kinda gal, this is something else.  Whatever though, he's watching it. I'm just watching some internets.
So I saw a few of you comment on my post yesterday about my sending out artsy cards.  No emails received from any of you, just ask Tim. I'm no psycho stalker killer or anything, lolz. I know a couple of you are light years away.  :)  It's no big deal though. Don't hesitate to email me,  it's fun, promise.

Spent the day at Mama Monkey Butts today, cleaning.  She's going out of town tomorrow with some other family members. I really hope she has an awesome time. It has been a while since she has had any kind of vacation. I hope it's fun!
She tells me my brother is coming to visit some time.  Should be nice for her. It's been a few years since he's been down to visit.  Lawd knows we haven't had the time or money to go visit him.  Mr Monkey Butt and I are going to attempt to plan a trip to NYC this year. We will see how that goes. It's planning on being a road trip and there are a few states a long the way, if we go the right way, that I'm dying to see.  Maybe the brother can meet us in NYC or maybe MA is on the way.  Shall see.  We don't talk much, he may not be interested at all. 
Let's leave that there, will see how it goes!!

I hope you Dingleberries reading this are having/had an awesome weekend.  It's not too bad here, like I said, got Mama Monkey Butt's house cleaned.  I've gotta stop being so damn lazy and get up there once a week and do that for her.  It's  a big help and with her condition there are so many things she just can't do.
Goodnight everyone, this Monkey Butt is tired...

Help, I have these 2 pieces I need ideas as to where I can hang them!


  1. That was nice of you to help out at your Mom's house. We got about an inch of snow last night with some ice, doesn't look bad outside, roads are clear but icy.

    It is very cold here, winds 30-40 MPH and wind chills in the low teens for the whole day! Glad I got my stuff from the store and will stay put today. Woody is outside running around the yard like a nut, as long as he's having fun : )

    Tomorrow supposed to be back up in the 40's.

  2. Boy you know it has to be cold outside today, both times I let Woody out it wasn't long and he was at the door to come back in. That's a first! Wind chill is in the single digits BRRRR

  3. If you skirted the coast on your adventure to NYC, you would drive right around Salisbury, MD.


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