Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursdays Monkey 'butt'

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 So this week we are sharing again the JIMSMASH!!! and his bloggers.  (Click his link there for the original post)  So homie bear posted his pick (click photo credit for more info) But yea this guy did manage to find a few neat monkey things.  Check them out, it's worth it :)

"The Flying Monkey from Shanower and Young's Oz adaptation!" His pick upon my googling didn't really give me any pictures that I loved, but I did stumble upon a few other things. Like this to the left.  Very cool stuff!

photo credit
THIS GUY is responsible for this of the monkey drinking the tea. My facebook likers know I shared this weeks ago and it wowed me. If I can remember I'm going to dig and dig and see if it is possible to obtain a copy of this one. I wants!

It will be smashing on my walls!  SMASHING.

Don't you think?

So Dingleberries, I hope this has been a lovely adventure through my Thursday post this week. Always  a blast if you ask me, thanks for hanging!


  1. I'm in monkeybutt heaven now. Are there choirs that I can sing with?

  2. just SMASHING!!!

    (word verification...dhorabb)


  3. @Tim I really love that one as well. I'm trying to find it for a wall hanging! I NEED it, lolz.

    @Shockgrubz Welcome, you're definately in the right place. Sure, send over your choirness, we'll run it one Tuesdays :)

    @GoldRush lolz. That is pretty weird, I see a lot of weird ones as well. :)


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