Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Music for a Tuesday

Well hello and happy Tuesday. Here we are again, the start to a new week and what else to fill my as well as your ears as an awesome cover by Florence + The Machine. 

I love Florence!  her voice, everything. It just rocks me to my core to hear her beautiful vocal come through my  speakers. I hope we can all enjoy this one this week.

As I said, it's a cover she has done, "Addicted to Love".  Originally done by Robert Palmer. A chart-topping hit in the late-ish 80's.  He's best known now for this song partial thanks to a video of high fashion models.

Now I was old enough to listen to music in the late 80's. I'm racking the old brain here and trying to remember the original video. I'm drawing a blank.  Oh well. This week isn't about Robert Palmer, it's all about Flo and the machine.  :)  Enjoy!



  1. Great song, I saw Robert Palmer twice in the 80's. The Palmer video has three or four women, all made up looking the same, black hair, real white complexions and looking like dancing robots, almost, in the video. Nice version!

  2. I am pretty sure this gal could sing the phone book and it would sound good. I can't seem to ever get enough of her. Robert who???

  3. I first saw Florence + The Machine perform on "Late Night With David Letterman"; Hubby was like 'who is that?' and had to go looking up their music online. She has a great voice.

    My sister had a huge crush on Robert Palmer back in the day. He was her second favorite performer - right behind Phil Collins and Def Leppard!


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