Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Valentines Day

It's Valentines Day and I'm broke. Not that it matters much because other than picking up some over priced candies and a stuffed animal for Pokey I don't much celebrate Valentines Day. I don't agree with it being a day where men and women alike run out and spend monies (they probably don't have) on their loved ones.  Don't you think we have enough holidays in the year that involve gift buying?  I don't agree with it and if I have my way there won't be any gifts exchanged in our house.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm OK with candies, stuffed toys (for Pokey) Really? I'm 30, wtf do I need a stuffed bear for?  And of course flowers are OK. I love flowers, not ROSES, flowers! They're so pretty and smell nice!

But it's the day where you can say I love you a few extra hundred times, give hugs and kisses and just try and put forth a little extra effort that says, hey I love you.  I'm working today, the weather is shit and I must spend my lunch break looking through half empty shelves trying to spot a nice batch of candy and a stuffed toy for Pokey.  She loves Valentines Day for those reasons.

So with that I'm done with this post. Hang in there Dingleberries and enjoy your day of love!  For those who are single, count your money, you lucky bastards ;) 
This one made me LOL


  1. KooL Korny picture : ) The Nerds, sharing love~!

  2. I hope you all had a nice day :)

  3. Hope your day was great! I spent my day with my ex-husband LOL, but enjoy being "single." I agree with you, I think Valentine's Day is one holiday too many!

  4. @Tim, I loved that picture, it was way too funny. you can see it on my facebook now :)

    @Starlight, I hope you and Mr Starlight had a great day also. Ours was just peachy :)

    @Crack You Whip, Definitely one holiday too many, hope your day was great as well :)


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