Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 26, 2012

February 1st, 2012
Another fabulous day today... What is it I always say?  "Another Day in Paradise".

Oh wells.

It rained today. 

Not all day or anything and it really didn't affect the temperature outside so that was nice.  It was really quite lovely out today; the rain aside. 

I hope you guys had a fucking fabulous day!  It wasn't soooo bad!  :)


Unfortunately we came home to rain and more rain and po po Max wasn't even able to go for his long walk.  He's a weird dog, I can't decide whether he just enjoys saving his poops for something or if he just has a poop problem. Sometimes he just won 't go outside and will either drop it off on the carpet somewhere while I'm running on my machine or he will just not go.  Po Po Max! 

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Goodnight Dingleberries.  Hang in there, stay tuned for tomorrows Monkey Butt Posting! 

pst....Tomorrow is Ground Hog Day, fingers crossed General Lee down here and Puxatony Phil (for Tim as well as any of you others up northish) has good news tomorrow! 

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