Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It can always be worse...Right?

I talk a lot of trash at times,  people who know me know this!  In my defense, I really can't help it. I am my mothers child you know?!

So yesterday (well everyday) you can find hear me bitching, pissing and moaning about how much I fucking hate my job. How the people here make me want to puke my stomach out and just die!  Die right there on the floor, stomach in the toilet, blood everywhere. DEAD!  (graphic I know)   Something about these anal retentive old farts around here that just sets my blood ON FIRE!
Like I said, you all probably know this already.

I love these old farts though. I mean in all honesty. I've been at this same fucking job for upwards of 7 years now. 7 long damn years!  It makes me nuts and my ass is a lot bigger than it was when I started, but really.  They are just like family. There are times when I'd like to reach in their chest and rip their beating hearts out!

Then of course there are times where we stand around chatting and making jokes. Wishing them a safe and happy Holiday and weekend.  I know they are old, I know old people can suck; sometimes ;)  But I also know it doesn't really matter. I'm here everyday,until either
  • I don't have anywhere else to be, meaning they give me some walking papers and close these doors up tight never to look back  OR
  • I find the job I think I want. I say I think because really, what other job is going to allow me to sit here and blog all day?  To read blogs all day?  Play on facebook, twitter,Tumblr? I can't think of one really and well what would be the difference between that job and this job?  Not much, possibly a younger asshole to work for?
What I'm getting at is, perhaps I should shut the frig up sometimes?  Quit my bitching and enjoy my life while I have it, because really, what will we do when I'm not on here all the time? Not here telling you all about my life and the shit that goes down on a daily?  We're going to go nuts aren't we?  A lot of late nights in the future (however distant it may be)  ? 

Face it.. I love those old farts. I enjoy some aspects of my job and well the money, though never enough, isn't fast food or minimum wage.  I guess I will always be around to bitch, piss and moan, because someone has to do it.  You guys just soak it up and love it,  because if you are anything like me... Hearing other people bitch, piss and moan about how shitty any part of their lives are just makes yours seem better, if only for a minute in some unknown way and well... It gives you something to do, besides think about your own miserable times.  Yea, I'm here for you! 

So let's see how long this Monkey Butt can quit the bitching about how much she hates her job, most of the time! Shall we?

It could always be worse...Right?


  1. I Love you, crazy Child, Well said., You vent, but at least you still Love, You're a Sweetie

  2. Yeah, when Lenny tells me that, it's really not the answer I want to hear, but it is the truth. Hey, if we couldn't go nuts once in a while, we'd all go insane! Sounds like you are feeling a little bit better! Have a Happy Day : )

  3. I'm always suspicious about people who never complain about anything and act as if their life is all sunshine and roses. Those are the real wackos!!!!!

  4. LOLZ... Thanks everyone, Im so glad you're all here to listen to my rants, or pretend to do so very well. Mucho Loveo! :)


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