Thursday, September 10, 2015

What's the DL on "real foods"

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Shoot, this is like three in a week. You dingleberries might drop a jaw.  Look at me go ;) 

So .. here lately I've been tasting new fads.  
  • A while back remember I posted about one I'd found where this blogger went for a period of time without wearing underwears?  I can check that one off my list. While not exactly liberating, it was ... well nothing really note worthy. I didn't feel any more or less free than usual.  
  • Recently I've picked up this fad where rather than washing ones hair with soap you just rinse with water and massage your scalp.  While I was worried I'd look like a grease trap on my head it's actually not that bad.  My hair seems OK with being rinsed and massaged.  So, no more shampoo for me.  Even with my hair dyed, it hasn't froze up on me or anything. Check that one off as a success and one I'm not giving up on just yet. 
All of that aside, lets move on to what I've got for today. So I follow a page on FB about eating "real foods". They have challenges, 10 days and even 100 days. While spending is a big issue for me. Being a living on week at a time and hardly having no money ever anyway ..
 I'd like to at least try to keep myself and the kids as healthy as possible.
I'm the worst kind of conspiracy nut and am usually pretty sure it's all just a front to sell people on a new lifestyle.
But what if they're right?
What if I eat better and feel better?
Lose weight
Dont die of something early in life
The world is full of what ifs
But of course, I'd like to try. 
So what I'm asking today, have you ever tried it?  

-Hang in there! 


  1. a- The hair thing would not work more than two days on me. Heck, neither does shampoo.

    b- what on earth are "real foods"? And can I have that if you aren't going to eat it?

    1. Welll, this one source is telling me that it's using very little packaged products, all organic stuff ( shouldn't all veggies be called organic? I think so) ... Quite overwhelming and by the looks of the menu, no you cannot have it because I'm going to be starving!! haha

  2. No underwear? I don't think so. Lately, I've been eating less and exercising more, but I don't follow any special diet.

    1. Yea, I think those things would be good for me too. Must.Make.The.Time.

  3. Dingleberries.
    Beneath a picture of food.
    Oh, my.

  4. Incidentally, I tried rubbing my hair.
    But, it just stood up on end.
    Maybe I shouldn't rub it that hard?

  5. Very cool that you tried new things this way. How fun. Love that.


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