Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A grey day

I'm feeling a bit down today, maybe it's the weather.
It's very grey here!  I've heard it mentioned that some have seen some rain today, I'm not one of those.
  Haven't seen any rain today.

Got a call this morning, the police department requested me to search a vehicle for a possible "wounded dog".  Not only did I not want to find a dead dog in this car, I didn't want to stick my hand under a seat and find a wounded dog that would chomp down on my hand.
Luckily, no dog.  
I've  heard it rumored they think the dog was in the safety of it's home this morning when the accident occurred. 

It's a strange kind of day for me, too much caring, too many feelings.  I feel like the Grinch when his heart grows, "I'm leaking!". But seriously, I'm not crying. 

-Hang in there


  1. Love to send you some of our last two days. Not a cloud in the sky either day, 75 yesterday and 80 today! Now, if I just had some energy to enjoy them...

  2. Glad there wasn't an injured dog for you to deal with.

  3. Scary on the dog. Glad he wasn't there and you didn't get your arm chomped off. Sorry about being blue.

  4. I hope today is better. Just read your other post so I know the outcome of the pup. I'm sorry :(
    Trish - tales from trish


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