Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Yea, so .... I'm catching up ;)

Hey ya'lls.  First things first, you Dingleberries are great.  I've responded to all of your comments on my last post, in case you're wondering. 
It's been a little while since I posted, pretty much skipped October I think. ??  It's one of my least favorite months due to all the "Breast Cancer Awareness".  While I totally suppose awareness and all of that I just hate the reminders.  Then of course here we are in November, the month she lost her battle, it's falling on Thanksgiving this year. I foresee an icky kind of day.

While I should be doing some work stuff, I think I'm going to do some updating instead. 
Love it ... 

Halloween .. It came and went for us, the weather wasn't horrible. But that was one of the only few days.

It's seriously been raining, since like the beginning of October.  You should see my yard!!  It's some kind of cruel joke.  
But the sun  is shining today!  I r happy!

We just came back from a camping trip Sunday.  Eleven of us in a large cabin, it was pretty nice. There was plenty of space so I know no one felt trapped in to close to anyone else, unless they wanted to.

So in other news, I think I'm going to work on NOT posting pictures of my baby darlings...  The internet is a sick place, it may not make any sense, but you will have to be my facebook friend to see those precious ones ;)

And last, but def not least ..

Dear ole MB is expecting! 
You read that right, in 9(ish) months we'll welcome another little MB turd to the clan.

Soak that in and have a GREAT day Dingleberries!

-Hang in there


  1. I guess that would kinda answer the comment I made on your last post, lol!

  2. Woohoo for another little one joining the party! Congrats! Love the pretty pictures from camping. Trish - tales from trish

  3. Great post and I can understand about October. You've been missed and we'll take whatever or whenever you feel up to posting.

  4. Congrats to you, Mama MB! And, hey, could ya send some rain our way, please? We're dry as a bone! The camping spot looks lovely, btw.

  5. Okay, with Thanksgiving less than two weeks away...followed by Christmas, New Years, Valentines, Easter, Saint Patrick's...we're on the slippery slope to tighter pants.
    But, then we'll determine to diet. Until Memorial Day barbecues.


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