Friday, December 4, 2015


So you all know it's been a week or so since the good news and while I'm still working on processing it all and trying to be overwhelmed with the fear and risk of this new news.  All in all it's good. Thanks everyone for the well wishes!

So I don't know if I've told you this story before or not, but when we were little there were times when my single mother would live with our grandparents and we would also.  This was always OK because we loved our grandparents and still do of course.

So there was this movie, I'm guessing it was recently released at the time, because Mom brought it home or had it available, on VHS of course! Some of you will remember those and of course the movie, it was Dirty Dancing.

You know the one, with the oh so attractive Patrick Swayze and the little girl (Jennifer Grey) who comes to town on vacation with her family.  Adorable move and to this day I still love it.
So my grandparents being... grandparents I guess would probably have flipped a lid or something had they known we were watching this, of course MOm being so young everyone thought they knew better as to how to raise us chirrens and what we should and shouldn't be seeing. I think though, if Mom thought it was OK.... That's good enough for me. So she kept us up and let us watch this movie with her. 

It's one of those moments, I hope I never forget about Mama MB. It's been a few years already since her death and I swear there for the longest time all I could picture and remember were those last horrible moments...It clouded so much of my vision and still breaks my heart, but there are glimpses and little snippets of joy that I'm recalling lately. 

She's be overjoyed with the news of twins, I'm already hearing family members tell me that she had said before that me or my sister having twins would have been cool.

Feeling blessed and knowing she's watching from above.

Hang in there Dingleberries!!


  1. Yep, those good memories are the opening signs of returning normalcy. For me, it's when the sarcastic voice in the back of my head returns after an absence.

  2. I was never impressed with "Dirty Dancing" although I know many women who were. I think it was a chick movie.

  3. I remember one of "Dirty Dancing's" most powerful lessons: NOBODY puts Baby in a corner.
    It's basically how I live my life.

  4. I reckon mama MB has planned this all :)


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