Thursday, May 8, 2014

Caution: Contents Under Pressure

Wow ....  This picture is from February, I really looked terrible, lol . Ugh, remind me never never never let my hair grow because the only think I do with it is wear it just like that. Yuck!!!

So news for today... I'm on one of those social media strikes.  I saw this video someone shared that really moved me, and not to the bathroom.  I decided right then that I would take a serious break from Facebook and text messaging as much as possible.  I didn't log back into Facebook yesterday and have not signed in today.  I've really got to keep up with this, because I don't want to be one of those who misses the most important moments and chances because I was too busy with my face buried in my phone.

I wish Mr MB cared enough to take a stand with me, spend some time with me and the monkeys.  Sadly, that just isn't in the cards for me I reckon.

Ya know I got married in October .... yea ....  Seems like 100 years ago, because well to be honest ... My relationship with Mr MB just flat out sucks!! 

Suffering some serious insecurities lately too.

Life is strange.

Moving on ....

I'm feeling some serious pressure today and tonight ... This is my final week of Theology 107 and Friday(TOMORROW) is the deadline for all assignments .... I'm in the process of completing my power point, first one EVER and  I have a quiz.  Last night I wrapped it up early because  I knew I could stay up late on Friday and get it done if I didn't finish tonight ...

I forgot there is a Rehab show, the last one ever, on Friday night .... Oh.My.Gerd. This is bad bad bad.. I saved my power point onto a flash drive and I've brought it with me.... But I just feel the pressure and the stress. I didn't want to half wing it but looks like I may be forced to half wing it a little bit.  UGH ... How and why do I forget everything, all the time???

Because this is what I feel like, lol . This is how I feel, what I feel like doing. I too need more sleep, from time to time.

Silly monkey boy sleeping in this morning.

Happy Thursday my Dingleberries.

Keep me in your thoughts, that I can get these assignments complete and tomorrow doesn't turn out an epic fail! 


  1. Sorry to hear your relationship with Mr. MB sucks. Are you considering counseling or something to improve this? Everyone deserves to be happy.

    1. Thanks Stephen, it's funny you mention that ... One of the lectures I watched last night tells me that we have to let go of our happiness to be the person we are suppose to be. I'm still working on an understanding of that statement. I spent so many years, selfishly seeking happiness. I'm working on understanding the universe right now. Thank you for your kind words :) They're always much needed!

  2. Stephen's right. You deserve better, and sometimes you need help to fight these battles. Prayers all around and hopes that SOMEBODY wakes up to the good thing he has.

    1. Thanks CW, sadly I'm the person with high expecations, expecting the world to understand and to see. This isn't the case for most, I guess. As I mentioned to Stephen, I'm still working on an understanding of the universe and of myself. Perhaps it's just me being me causing these troubled waters. Not exactly a basket of cupcakes myself ;) Thanks CW, you're an awesome friend

  3. E looking studly in the top pix, love the hats, that's what boys do! :)


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