Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Awesome, Random Food for Thought.. or is it?!!

This is what all the men have to think about these days...

*Barf* Is all I have to say about this one!

Ive done well with my NO MCDONALDS rule for the last few months *High Fives*

So what Im asking today is, what is it about this nasty lil' peice of crapola meat that has the men I know swooning and racing to McDonalds? 

Ive developed my theories....

A.) This nasty lil thing is made of something so hideous that it would physically harm/kill or make you deathly ill if consumed for long periods of time.  This doesn't really work to me, because the way these men guzzle these thangs down daily as often as they can, seems as though they would be ill! I've known them to derail themselves from original destination in order to stop in McD's to gorge themselves in this AWFULNESS!

B.) It's made of  some "creature" that would probably end up extinct if they kept it going for too long each year. I think they may have skipped last year to avoid such things?  Hmm, that sends me to think more about it.  My ex has come the conclusion it's dog or pony.  I called it "pony dog".  Its me new creation!

There you go... FOOD FOR THOUGHT!


  1. Haha. You are such a funny, witty and awesome writer! I should have you write my blog posts :D

  2. Ah Laura, Ive read yours, they much better! :) *high fives* Kristen, Mcrib haters unite, lol.

  3. it's the damned casein found in fast food.... that's what's 'all the rave' about mcribs and the other shit they serve. makes me wanna hurl cookies.... and i loooove cookies! (that's why I moved to the dark side, they have lots of them there!) ;)

  4. Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies, but I don't care for McD's cookies tho :((

  5. Hahaha. Good thing they don't serve Mcrib in the Phils.

    Thanks for joining my contest!


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