Friday, November 12, 2010

It saddens me....

It saddens me to hear the news.  This week the news came through the grapevine, aka, Facebook, that my Mother's cousin David passed away of a heart attack. 

(David on Left, my uncle Ronny on right)

He left behind, a wife and 2 daughters I believe as well as $12.00 in their checking account.  Such terrible news.  I myself have no memory of meeting him in my lifetime, I guess these would be distant relatives?  I'm hearing the news from my aunts and Mother that someone has donated/given them a plot for burial but the funeral home is requiring $4000.00 before that will accept him.  It's unbelievable that it cost so very much money to bury someone these days!  I mean wowch!  They're accepting donations at the funeral home to help the family in need and I feel as though I may very well feel like royal shiz if I can't help these people that I don't know!  I know it's a rough time, I know people stuggle all the time.  I also know Im not one to give to very often for charity.  Wait!  That is a lie, Kroger and seems like all other resturants around here take in moneys all the time, from me, for their charities.  I feel stongly that I should atleast donate something for this one!  It's not often a family like mine asks for hand outs!  

I wonder though, why can't the family come in there with a nice wooden box, nailed together at home, some flowers and perhaps a cheaper amount, why does everything regarding burial have to be so EXTRAVAGANT!  What difference does it make to "David" what kind of box they put him in and what kinda of cement they enclose said box in?  Why is it they have to put a cement cover over the casket anyway? 

This stuff frustrates me. I think ahead, and as much as I want to LIVE FOREVER, Im sure anyone can guarantee that will not happen and I to will be forced to make plans for my ending.  Why do I have to kill the planet to be put into the earth with all these extras?  why can't they wrap me up in some decomposable cloth  and toss me in?  Throw some real flowers on top of me and they can toss in a few extra worms?  Why all the need to fill the earth with boxes and cement and embalming fluids?  Why take up space on the land for tombs?  why eat up energy to burn a body?  It's frustrating to say the least. 

So Im off to think now about how much monies I can donate to my family in need! 

--Have a wonderful day fellow bloggers--


  1. UGH, that is sad. I lost an uncle this year and they didn't have a lot of money and my Aunt was so horrified when she had to choose which box to have him cremated in!! There were some boxes that were thousands of dollars! And they way she had to choose - the cheapest was on the bottom. I said, we have tons of large boxes at work, how bout if I bring one - SHEESH! Take Care and best wishes to your family....

  2. You know... my husband and I were just talking about this a few months ago.... about all the caskets in the earth and how it's so bad for the environment etc and how there should be a more eco friendly way.

    I'm sorry to hear about this. It sucks all the way around. Sending good vibes out to you and your family! *hugs*

    As for raising money, why not organize a charity event.... hold raffles, see if some local bands would play, get local stores to donate gift baskets to raffle, etc. ??


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