Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dear Xmas,

Yes I took Christ out  of Christmas, no pun intended.   I'm just lazy, I promise!  I am indeed feeling the Xmas cheer so far. Ive already pulled out the Xmas earrings and put up the Xmas tree.  My daughter had fun throwing all the decorations on last night, I saved that fun for her, I was lucky enough to tackle the lights and being poked by all the limbs while rapping t hem around.  It is always fun times tho.  We opted for a real tree this year, Douglas Fir or something WONDERFUL pain the arsish! And to top it all off, Princess aka Devil Cat has a blast climbing up in the Xmas tree and swatting down all the hard work done!  Grrrrr!  I'm not pet friendly.

So is  it bad for me to want a dog.  Ive struck out with so many pets, it makes me weary.  It doesn't seem right for me to want  pets but have no interest in buying a home for myself and said  pets.  Weird isn't it.  My mom and I get into disagreements relatively often at my disgust for owning my own home.  Is it wrong for me to think I don't want the responsibility and well if I want to move, I want to move. Something about being stuck in one place for a very long time as well as have all the responsibility of it, means growing up.  Growing up?  That doesn't sound like much fun! 

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, besides the normal arguments that come from being around family, but the food was good and so was the company.   Maybe Xmas will be just as good!  Perhaps all of them will show up like they are posta!  --My shopping list seems never ending this year, why why why?  It isn't fair!  Ive already made my New Years Resolution, I'm hopeful by making  it a "New Years Resolution" that perhaps, unlike any other year, I will pull through and just keep this one. *fingers crossed*  That being said... I want to have all my shopping done next year before Thanksgiving!  That's it!  That's all I got so far!

It's a purdy good day here, still raining, that sucks, but hey... It's winter!  Dammmit!


  1. I am a dog person. I've also owned a cat, a bird, lizards and fire-bellied toads...and I am a dog person. And while I am quite pro-dog, they are *very* different from almost all other domesticated animals. Dogs require constant love and attention from their humans, unlike cats.

    And different breeds have radically different personalities and requirements. Research the breeds to see how each one would fit into your household.

    You don't absolutely need a house in order to own a dog. I have two mini-rat terriers (8lbs & 4lbs) in a townhome. They get all the exercise they need from running up & down stairs.

    PS: I'm 30 and I don't plan on buying a house anytime soon. I love being able to call the landlord to complain about something breaking rather than pulling $ out of my own pocket. On the other hand, I am just losing money by renting rather than building equity. Meh.

  2. Not pet-friendly, and NOT a house owner! Let's start a club! OH! and cat xmas tree climber on board too. UGH!

  3. I agree with Sam.... dogs require much more attention and constant love from their people. They are pack animals and like to feel like they belong to a pack, so if you don't really feel that you can give that sort of attention/care/love.... maybe stick to cats who prefer to just be independant and only need you for food and a clean litter box! haha.

  4. Ladies, my Mom absolutely LOVES all animals and has had them all, as have I, but I feel so bad getting rid of them once my hatred really kicks in. Ive done good, this one has made it so far, and I only randomly hate it the most! I hate it always, but there are days I hate it less. Does that make any sense?

    WEll I only want 1 kind of dog. I want one of those Golden Retreivers and well I am afraid that idea will be shelved with the house buying idea. I dont think either will actually happen!

    Thanks for reading my rambles :)


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