Friday, November 19, 2010

10 points of random...

I read these on Consequences be Damned-Confessions of a Spitfire and decided, because I spend my time doing it in all my other favorite places, I mine as well do it on here!  I dont know how to tag folks, so here goes nuffin!

1. Why did you create the blog?
I enjoy babbling about nuffin almost all of the time!  I should say ALL OF THE TIME!  Because it's true. I love to talk, which is all new for me, buuut it's ok.  So with this, I can babble on about whatever is on my mind that day, Monkey Butt!
2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
So far I am following a few.  I like to read about people and I guess in a way compare them to myself and my life.  It's interesting and fun!  I enjoy reading, so Im open to anything and everything.  I have stumbled upon a few that aren't very interesting and as Spitfire says, it's annoying to his the "next blog" and it be like the one I just read.. Grrr!
3. Favourite makeup brand?
Umm, Im not really that girl.  Yes I wear some eyeshadow, but to be honest with you world, Ive no idea what brand it or nor do I really care.  Like I said, Im not the one

4. Favourite clothing brand?
haha.. See above, but I do really like most anything they sell at Pac Sun, why did they shorten the name of that anyways?  What was wrong with Pacific Sunwear?  Cost more to make the sign or something silly like that *ponders*.  Old Navy's random t-shirts are cute at times.   

5. Your indispensable makeup product?
Well being as you just read my makeup life above, I guess it's my eyeshadows or mascara.  Chapstick?  Does that count?     

6. Your favourite colour?
My favorite color?  That's easy!  PURPLE with a close second of PINK. what can I say, they're cute colors! 
7. Your perfume?
I heart the Victoria Secret perfume I have forgotten the name of, it's delish!
8. Your favourite film?
Natural Born Killers.  Weird I know.  I love that movie tho. I have a lot of movies that I enjoy very often, Natural Born Killers is something different, it's like my FAVORITE song, I hear it so rarely that it's special when I watch it.  I can't say I enjoy Natural Born Killers because there are 2 crazy people running around murdering people for the hell of it, who do you think I am, a SICKO?  I just enjoy seeing Woody Harrelson being a psycho in Love.  Def some crazy stuff going on in there tho!  Lub it!

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
Ah can I only name one... Lets start with my #1 choice....  Romania.  Ahhh to visit Romania, I believe that when I finally make it there, there is a chance I wont come back! 
10. Write the last question and I will answer it: 
Because it's late and my brain isn't functioning properly due to need of sleep.  I will answer any random questions my readers feel deserving of my opinion on the matter!  Goodnight World.   


  1. It's nice to get to know you better, so I'm glad you've answered these questions.
    It seems to me that bloggers here just don't wear makeup and we don't care about brands. LoL, we're quite similar.

    If you're interested you can follow my blog and read my answers here:

  2. I never know what my makeup brands are, and my favorite movie is Heat - any Al Pacino, Robert Deniro mix is a good one. I want to know what on earth posessed you to go o CHUCK E CHEESE??? I will pray for you - that is ALMOST worse than a Brownie event.....

  3. Natural Born Killers- --- you know.... that's just one movie I can't get into.... I've tried. And you'd think that I'd be a perfect fit for that movie since I'm a little.... um, like a loose cannon? haha

  4. Starlight- Yes something about makeup, other than Im not really good at it, it just takes to much time.
    Kristen- Ah yes I must agree with Al Pacino and Robert Deniro, good choices, they are awesome! Ahhh chuck e cheese is the DEVIL!- just sayin'
    Jobonster- I dont know what it is about that movie. I just love her to hell with it attitude. Its crazay!


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