Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The bad and ugly, 2010

OK so let's give this a whirl, it's something for me to do and perhaps it's a difference from what you have been reading... I said I post something for the bad shiz that happened this year or 2010, Ive not pinned down the EXACT date this bad shiz happen and perhaps you won't think it's bad shiz after all. But this is my post and if I think it's bad, then get over it.  cause it's bad to me~  I love you tho, my readers!  Feel free to criticize me, I don't mind, tee hee!

I mean wtf?  Ewwww, gross, nasty as all get up.  I understand you are trying to make a statement that you aren't a "piece of meat"  ... But technically yes we are.  Our civilization hasn't gone so far as to be cannibals, but really?  You're wearing around what looks like....What?  What the hell is that you are wearing? I'm just going to throw out my idea... Is it bacon?  If it's bacon, from what I hear, but have not tested myself, you can place a piece of bacon in a mason jar and seal it up, MAGGOTS will form inside said sealed  jar.  Like I said, Ive never tested this, have only heard one person say they have and it happened. Perhaps he was shitting me, just kidding, maybe I'm gullible, but EWWWWW!  You better hope you sported this get up in a refrigerated room, for real!

---here's another one.... Five Finger Death Punch, I'm sure we've all heard of them, remember folks, just my opinion, feel free to criticize.  I hate hate hate their version of Bad Company!  Are you serious. I grew up with a mother and father that totally dug all the southern rock or whatever it was they call it, And Bad company?  really how can you attempt to cover a good song like that and  just fucking trash it?  I mean really. It's not cool.  Here's an idea, cover something else, something that already sucks, perhaps you can make THAT better! Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Five Finger Death Punch sucks, I don't listen to the radio often, but that was a big thang, people were telling me how terrible it was, I just had to listen to it myself.  TERRIBLE!

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  1. I'll admit... Lady Gaga is a guilty pleasure of mine but I could not have been more repulsed than I was when I heard about this dress.

    Thanks.... your post is the first time I've ever SEEN the dress. I will blame you for my nightmares and bill you for my therapy!



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