Thursday, December 23, 2010


It is an awesome day!  It's my FRIDAY! YAY!  My mother and fathers Xmas presents arrived via  UPS TODAY!  YES!  *high fives* And even though I'm still waiting on my soon to be brother in-laws gift, it's OK!  It was a pretty good day today, the excitement of the holidays right around the corner.  The lunch we had here at work, with the same people we see 8 hours a day 5 days a week, with the bondo dust and cold shop!  Awesome times! It's 2pm, I get off at 5pm, still have right at 3 packs of smokes and I'm only shy of 1 gift for being DONE DONE DONE with my shopping.  Please let the mail bring my last mail order gift today, please please please.

It all fell in my lap on my way back to work from the bank today...  AND THEN SMACK!

Right into one of these... see above... It was a cute little Honda something or another.  I don't know. I wasn't paying attention, obviously!  So I smacked right into lil' Asian lady driving her silver Honda, waiting to make it through the light... Eeeeep!    Then she pulls into the center lanes.  I pull behind her cussing and pissing about my idiocy!  She hops out, as do I and inspect the NON EXISTING damages *high fives*  I'm fucking jumping for joy.  I hate accidents. I hate body damages and body shops, and I work at one, and I hate high insurance rates!  Ughhh!  So the lady is all apologetic and saying she doesn't understand the red lights in this city.  I look at her dumbfounded.  Um, I hit you lady!  let's get this shit over with.  Do you want to call the police, she leans toward me reaching out and smiling, um, please don't attack me.  And NO she doesn't want to call the police. FUCKING A RIGHT!  THIS IS AWESOME!  No insurance claims, no police, Happy Holiday lady, I'm outta here! 
Happy Ho Ho week everyone. It's almost here and I'm jumping for JOY~  It's almost over it's almost over. I get to take the tree down and clean the mess.  AWESOME! 

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  1. I'm glad that you're both ok, and that she didn't call the police. Is there a lot of damage on the cars?


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