Friday, December 3, 2010

2010, you shall be missed, part 2!

Ah to begin with the year 2010.  Lets start by saying,   My only child was born on New Years, so ringing in the New Year is always double fun, she is still young, and doesn't do much "ringing in the New Year"  but I always remember that day for more reasons that one!

I've been thinking about this blog all day and well Ive come to the conclusion.  I don't know how much of my life I want to pile into this blog or how much of it at one time would be enjoyable.  I think Ive come to the conclusion that I would enjoy just doing this in quarters, pending how much I pile in.  I love this blogging and tossing all of my thoughts into something.

Let's get this party started....Shall we...

January, 2010...

I am the luckiest auntie alive, my sister gave birth to her dahlin 2nd child, her 2nd little girl and my dahlin niece Khloe.  She was actually born Dec 30 2009, 2 days before the new year and only what, 5 days beyond Christmas, it was a blast and I was pleased to be in the delivery room with my Sis this time!

Ah yes, the Sponge Bob, 6th birthday party for my one and only Princess daughter!  ( I know you all just love "family-ish blogs", it will be OK tho, this is after all MY 2010)  I remember it was a small party, but it was nice!  Almost a whole year ago and I had my favorite family members here to celebrate with us and my brother, see (look Sam I took your advice and made a clicker there for new people, I CAN BE TAUGHT!) , it was awesome to have my brother here!  I was glad he was here for part of my 2010!

And lastly for my month of January, one of the highlights I recall.  We took a trip to Helen, GA.  I love it there, it seems like a completely different country, that is the idea I know. (But I secretly enjoy escaping to other countries, even if this is all I can have for now)  They even sell those awesome wooden shoes like, umm, the Dutch? people wear.  They are so adorable and so cute and I so want a pair, but I'm totally too cheap to buy them, kinda pricey for me!  It was a family day and a kind of a farewell for my brother, who left us shortly after this trip to return to his home.  It was a rainy day, it doesn't matter to me, I love this city and enjoy it every time I go!

Weeeeeee, off we go to February, 2010:

Ah yes!  How can I ever forget the snow.  We were so lucky to be stuck at home this lovely awful snowy day in Duluth, Ga!  Why is it kids love snow?  I'm not the one, I do not like the cold.  That was probably me taking the picture, freezing in my black ADIDAS shoes with soggy socks and cold feet!

Ah yes and the trip to the circus.  I have not been to a circus since I was way young, don't ask me how old, Ive no idea!  I recall it was fun, I rode a Camel, I remember then they would let you ride on the back of a Camel or an Elephant, I chose the Camel, and now, I smoke Camels.  I was doomed even then!  I was a bit worried at the Circus tho.  I watch to much TV and was sure they would stampede and run me over!  I made it though, whew!  Oh and be warned, if you have never attended the circus, they have those "don't go in, they torture the animals and mistreat them" people standing outside.  They made me feel so bad before I went it, I almost felt bad watching the show.  They really know how to ruin a good time.  Asstards!

Ahhh and to conclude Part 2 of my 2010 blogging, we've arrived at March!  Ahhhh March, you are somewhat better.  There is no evil V-day to celebrate only the day to wear green, pinch those unlucky bastards who forgot and drink Green Beer!

March 2010

March!! It's easy to start.  There was a Twiztid show, a Beauty Pageant, time outside and a lost tooth.  All in one month, how very spectacular.  I glance back at all these memories, and I'm so very happy to have them, but it's no wonder I'm always complaining about being so busy!
-Ah yes the Twizid show. I do love me some Twiztid.  For those who are Psychopathic, I hope you can appreciate, I like to think I'm a juggalette, even though I don't find myself racing to the concert halls as often as Id like. I do still enjoy a good Psychopathic Record!
- A Beauty Pageant.  I truly hated the "Beauty Pageant" Perhaps i was where I chose to place my daughter in a beauty pageant! It was country bumpkin and a shit hole of a place. My daughter was so nervous and so adorable!  It was our only pageant, Ive no interest in ever doing it again.  She's better than that!  I can't parade my child around for people to judge her!  Kids have enough issues with their looks and shit, why should I let some dumb bought out bastard judge my child's beauty!  Fuck off dude!  Oh btw, she did win her beauty pageant! 
- I enjoyed the much needed outside time this month. I really did, there were some warmish days, yes it still required a long sleeve shirt, but so much better than that bullshit snow the month before!
-Ah yes the lost tooth, I guess that's pretty self explanatory isn't it? No I'm not the one losing the teeth!  Not yet!  hahahaha!

Good day my readers, I shall continue this for your reading pleasure tomorrow night! 


  1. There's a lot going on in your life :) So many events in only 3 months, you're a busy person.

  2. Good idea for a series of posts - looking forward to the rest and THAT baby - SOOOO CUTE!

  3. So wierd, thats my little brother


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