Monday, December 6, 2010

2010, you shall be missed, part 4!

I want  to add a little flavor to this one, maybe some extra color and why not my favorite? 

So here's to part 4 of this babble I'm working on...

July, 2010.... It's a nice warm month, I'd venture to say most say it's pretty hot in July, but I can safely say I am most comfortable in HOT weather.  I hear people say all the time, it's easier to put clothes on than it is to take them off"  I disagree, I can sweat my arse off in some cute shorts or an adorable skirt and be comfy.  However, I AM NOT COMFY IN LONG SLEEVES, SWEATERS, JEANS, JACKETS, HATS AND SCARVES. I am a total accessory nerd, what can I say, I love accessories....  Take a drink of water for a nice July, here we go everyone!
Oh yay we went skating.  This was the first time, I think, that we have gone skating this year, it was supah fun!  She skates so much better than I do and only made me fall once!  I heart skating now.  My next adventure will be a bicycle, for me sillys, she knows how to ride a bike.  As do I, what is it they say? Once you learn you never forget? Or something!   Skating is a blast... 

By scanning through my photos looks as tho we also had a pool partay, I shall leave those pics out of here, as I did in my June post.  You get the idea, I'm sure of it. Pool Party!  What's not to get? 

Carrying on....

Ah yes, the 4th of July.  I remember the 4th of July.  It was a lot of fun, my daughter (above) got her face painted and her hair done, you have to admit she is A-DORABLE all painted up!  The 4th of July was 2 days/nights this year, because it fell on a Sunday, I guess. We saw very few fireworks on Saturday and went to the Horse park on the day of.  It was a terrible trafficky mess and you have no idea how bad I had to pee that night.  Yay July, YAY hot weather! 

August, 2010....  There is no other color to use for a month as hot as August, GA weather is terrible with humidity, it gets so very hot here.  It's awesome though!!  Let's see what August has to offer, shall we?

Ah yes the Braves game!  My parents as well as us and the kiddos went to the Braves game, our first time ever.  It was.....Fun?  The seats were OK, I didn't get a ball to the face, spent a fortune and well.... Had fun!  It's rare I get to hang with the rents somewhere other than  their home and the occasional dinner, I value those moments and it's nice to know there is something I can do with my parents.  I'm sure they wouldn't agree with my party adventures! 
Oh and look, I dyed my roots red... That was awesome! I was bored, again and thought this would be a wondermusly new idea.  It definitely was, the lady at Sallys was like, what?  Ive wanted my hair red for a minute though so I did this.  I'm so lucky my hair hasn't fallen out.  These are all the pictures you get for August, I know there were more pool days, I spent a lot of time tanning also.  Oh wells...

Oh yes, September, 2010.  A cool down time, when it's not as hot, but still OK!  I remember a lot happening the month of September, lets hope you will get the idea....
Oh yes, how could I forget, the 80's party! One of my favorite people, not in this picture, had the idea that for her Birthday party this year, she would ring it 80's style.  Now I hate the 80's. I was born in the 80's so I cannot actually say I dressed like the grown ups in the 80's, but check out above, it isn't anything to brag about.  I can't say that.  Forgive me.  It was the hair that makes me barf.  Something about big, teased, crimped hair that makes me puke!  I teased, crimped and even had big puffy bangs this night.  You have no idea how excited I was for those damn things to go down!  hahahaha.. It was an awesome night though!
Ah yes the Corn Dawgs Corn Maze, this was our adventure in a corn maze, remind me to not try this at night, it felt all creepy thinking about children of the corn.  Eeeeep! We were lost in this maze for a good two hours, I think! The "children" in charge of helping the lost folks, were absolutely USELESS.  We gave up and asked directions a couple of times and those arshole kids would just send us the wrong way.  My sis, pictured above, finally snapped and made some awesomely evily smartarses comments and they led us out of there!  It's good times though! 

Awe the beach, my favorite time of year!  We've made a trip down to FLA for what I think is the last two years, always a great time, for the most part.  Last year was kinda icky, my daughter got really really really bad sunburn, eeeeep!  We camped out, for those of you who were thinking if trying that, DON'T!  It really is awful.  I am the only person who hates bugs, am the only person to use Off Spray, and the ONLY person to be eaten alive by said bugs.  Apparently, the Off Spray made the bugs think I was tasty!  Bastards!  So an adventure of September was a surprise 60th birthday, for Jamie's mom!  It was great fun and actually a surprise, because she didn't expect her kids from GA!  Whewt Whewt Success!  Had a couple of days on vacation and time at the beach, no burned chillin' this year, whewt whewt, double success!  *high fives*

Ah yes, the Duluth Fall Festival, we at work, do this fall festival every year, where we run our towing trucks through the parade carrying around a whole shiz load of peppy cheerleaders and aggressive foot ball players, they were throwing candy and mardi gras beads this year?  Really, mardi gras beads?  I'm only glad there were no "overly excited" women in the crowd flashing these minors!  Look at the one cheerleader in this picture, isn't she like supah grown up looking?  That's all I'm going to say, nothing else, nothing mean. Nothing!  I'm being good! 

Oh lookie here we are at the Gwinnett County fair.  That was supah awesome fun!  My girl was old enough to ride pretty much everything this year. I braved it up and got on something called the Scorcher?  I think. It was awesome, it went upside down and in a big circle!  It was fantabulous!  Put my girl on the roller coaster, she screamed and cried and refused to ride it again, lol.  The pink and yellow thang over there, see pic above, that was like Mouse Hunt or something like that.  You ride around in what looks like a piece of cheese, it's awful.  If you get the chance to ride it...DON'T...  Unless of course you enjoy your neck and back hurting like you just got ran over by and flippin' MACK truck!  Just sayin...

Well readers, that just about wraps up this quarter. I hope you enjoyed my rambles and say a little into the summer of the Doria!  It was a great summer, I'm waiting for next year so I can do it all over again?  Only with more pzaz!  It was awesome fun!  I've given some more thought to this... Unfortunately, I got a little carried away thus far. So now I have to put this project on hold, because as you all know there is still a few more weeks left in this year!  Soooooo I must come up with some new ideas now and no worries, this will be concluded here soon!!!  Thanks for reading... Have an awesome Tuesday, tomorrow :)


  1. I also love hot weather and sweat my arse off in some comfy cute clothes. How could someone be comfortable in the winter when we have to wear a tons of clothes and still freeze? I just don't get it.

  2. I know! It's not cute or comfy to be hiding under all those layers. Im wearing, no kidding, a shirt, pullover, sweater, scarf, jacket and hat today. It sucks! I can't wait for the warm weather to come back!


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