Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Music For A Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Dingleberries ..

It's that time of week again, we love it don't we?!

You know you do, don't deny it.

This week, thanks to Pandora I'm sharing this one here .... The Animals-  House of the Rising Sun.

Every now and then I enjoy a good old song. This one came from the 60's.  Calling it a traditional folk song. Just goes to show, I know like absolutely NOTHING about folk music!! Pretty good song though. Hit number one in more than one country. Not to shabby I guess.

Have a fabulous day and don't forget to jam out.  Go ahead and link up with Tuesday Tunes while your bored..

-Hang in there!


  1. You should hear Amazing Grace to that tune.

  2. That is an AWESOME song. Like New Orleans. From what little I can remember of it.
    But, that's one of the reasons it's awesome.
    That, and beignets.

  3. Fantastic song. I have funny memory though of an ex boyfriend that only knew the first few chords of this song on guitar. I heard it over and over and over and over. HAHA

  4. I always liked the Animals, and I love the picture of that 50s radio, I've used it also.

  5. This is an old one, Beatles hair cuts and all : )

  6. Great song choice. I don't know much about folk music either, but I know that the 60s produced a lot of great folk songs.

  7. A classic! I just love the extra energy the keyboard gives to this song!


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