Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Dingleberries, 
Here it is about 3:15 pm on this cloudy Wednesday here in the great big state of Georgia.  Don't get confused now, I don't want to say Georgia is either GREAT or BIG. It just fit nicely there in the sentence. Don't you agree? 
So it's been a week or so since I've done anything for What I'm Loving Wednesday. So today I felt the bug, I decided it was time. Time to get back to it, it may not be anything blogworthy, but it's an attempt. On my part, to remind myself that there are still plenty of other things for me to love.  

So welcome back Dingleberries and join me for a What I'm Loving Wednesday. 

Don't forget, I'm linking up with Jamie over at Little Daisy May, go check her out!   She and her hubs have just welcomed an adorable addition to their sweet family. So a shout out congrats to them from the land of MB.

I'm loving...  How lucky I am to be oh so lucky to have some of the best friends, family and blogofamily there is out there. Ya know we lost Mama MB. I wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for you all. Don't think you've seen the end of my depressing, please just shoot yourself in the face and get it over with posts, but I'm working on that demon because Mama MB would want me to keep my tail up! 

I'm Loving... The holiday season is near, things are going to weird this year, of course. But I'm hopeful for somewhat of a happy season. Fingers crossed.

I'm Loving... I made it to the recorders court yesterday and was able to file a continuance on the speeding  ticket I got last month. It isn't due today, instead they've moved it to Jan 2nd. Go figure, but it gets me through the holiday....

I'm Loving...  We've a Christmas party we're planning to attend this Saturday, it's been a minute since we got out anywhere, hoping it will be fun!

I'm Loving....  The beautiful sunrise I see each day that Mama MB would have loved

Almost done..

I'm Loving... These potential boy names ... Dorian Archer and Jordan Westley. Though I've been thinking today about Dorian Eastley or Easton and/or Dorian Asher. 
Girl name has already been chosen. Rebecca Kylene.

And of course

I'm Loving this guy, too cute

Hang in there! 


  1. I thought Georgia was a peach. Or they sell peaches. In any event, it's warmer then Pennsylvania at this time of year.
    And that's peachy.

    1. Lies!! It's not that peachy most of the time, we do have some good peaches though! I'd say if we're comparing weather it may be peachy here ;)

  2. Maybe little Dorian will have a picture in the attic that ages for him like Dorian Gray. Then he can stay a baby forever.

    1. Ya know that was my first thought when Mr MB text over the name Dorian. I was like hmm, though his actor was pretty hawt in that League of Gentleman movie.. What was the name of that movie... HRm..

  3. So glad to see you are getting back in the swing of things. You are amazing. I like those unique baby names!

  4. -your baby names are cool. If I had been a boy, my mother would've named me 'Austin'. Maybe my nickname would have been 'Tex'?!

    1. Papa MB said the boy name Mama MB had picked out was Michael Wayne.. Reminds me a little of John Wayne though! hehehe..

  5. Cute baby names <3
    and its good to know that you are coming back on track...happy for you :)

  6. Good to see you back on that horse in the positive mode Doria. We've had some beautiful weather lately for this time of year, been nice for walking to get some exercise. It's chilly today and tomorrow, but expected to be back up in the 60's for the weekend. Like all of those names, I'm hoping it's a boy, he will have such a wonderful big sister! I know how I feel about my sister, he will be soooo lucky : )

    1. Awe, I think you're right. If it's a boy he will have an awesome sister, though she's a bit of a mean ass lately! I wish it weren't dark when I get home from work, I want to go walking.. :/ Will say you're lucky there! It's chilly here today as well, something about the winds keeping the clouds here. The weather people speak Chinese at 7 and 8 o clock in the morning!

  7. Love the names you have chosen and I hope you have a lovely time at the christmas party.
    Yes it wil lbe a little weird this Christmas but I am pretty sure Mama MB will be there in spirit clelebrating with you
    Big hugs


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