Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Mashup : Episode 4

Happy Monday. 
I know, those words don't go well together, unless you're lucky enough to not have to work on Mondays. But then wouldn't Tuesday be your Monday? Or something like that. 
So it's another day in paradise around here today. Monday tends to start with a bang, which was me running late as hell this morning. Dearest Pokey isn't one for mornings.  Which makes things a bit hard. I feel so bad when we fight!  Guess that's normal parent stuff though isn't it. 

I keep flashing to all these good and bad memories I have of Mama MB. Which is coming a bit of way from last weeks posting. I'm attempting to calm things down a bit, for myself and my readers. I know it's not a pleasant environment to visit lately.  It's been a week today ya know?  Or tonight I should say. She passed at 6:50 pm last Monday. Hard to believe. I've been by her resting place everyday since then. The flowers are still so lovely.  Dying off a bit, but we will have something more permanent for flowers soon enough.  

I miss her so much. 

In regards to Mama MB and my trials I'm thankful for every single comment you dear Dingleberries leave for me. I know, deep down, I wouldn't make it through these times right now if it weren't for the friends and family that I have, but also each and every single one of you!  I know it's a rough time and I know these things are hard, but you all keep me going!  So again, Thank you!

In regards to the baby MB. Well I'm pretty fed up with toying with baby names. We aren't sure if we're having a boy or girl yet and I think my gut on the boy name.  I'm not feeling the grand parents names we were talking about. They're just so.... not me.  Don't mean to offend anyone, but I can't see myself calling my kid Joe or Jo-Jo or Joseph. I just don't like it. Plus it's the middle name of a boy I dated in HS and things didn't go so well with him.  It's bugging me! 

I'm reading a bit more lately, picked up one of my Kindle books, "The Missing Link"  not too shabby at all if you ask me. Don't get me started on the things I've yet to finish before picking this one up though!  keeping up with reading here keeps my busy enough during the day.  I've simply giving up on bringing reading material into the office!   

So we're mashing it on up over here aren't we?  I'm trying to wrap it up, wanted to say one more thing.. But Spoiler Alert Beware: Walking Dead
I was actually able to watch last nights mid-season finale on AMC. Wow that show keeps me on the edge of my seat. I will say I'm going to be pissed if they kill off Darrell.  Just saying, he's a total hawtie!  I'm thinking they won't though because I think the end showed him and Merle going back to the prison. Or something like that.
I can't wait until February!  To say the least.
Anyone else watch it last night?  

Also am working on picking up Christmas cards for this year.  So go ahead and send over your mailing address if you're interested.  I've already got a few of yours, so looking forward to it. 

With all of that I'm going to leave you. I think I've done enough for one day. Tomorrow am planning on getting back to our regularly scheduled poo flinging. Can't wait can ya?

Hang in there!


  1. Baby names are tough to come up with, I'd expect. I don't know if this name is 'trending' where you live, but it seems that in CA. the 'name du jour' for boys is 'Jackson'. Between you, me and the fence post, I'm kinda over it.:) I ran across a baby name the other day that I swear I've only seen as a surname: MacCallister. Quite a mouthful, eh?

  2. Names are my thing! My thing is to really think of the meaning of the name, then look at possibilities and how they'd work in the culture your kid would grow up in, and to make sure the teasing possibilities are low (especially when you mix it with middle & surnames! Like 'Polly Esther' would not be a good combo!

  3. I've been thinking about you every day!!!! You have an amazing strength and spirit.

  4. I started dating my husband 3 weeks after his father passed. my husband at that point was sleeping on his grave every night to try and get closer to him.

  5. If baby MB is a boy you should name him Scrappy. Maybe Scrappilita for a girl.

  6. Sorry to hear that Mama MB has passed away while I was off in NZ not reading blogs..............we only named one of girls after a grandparent and that was our youngest her middle name is Mae after my mum and now the name Mae is popular in this family it is my sister's middle name and her daughters middle name and my granddaughter is


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