Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday's Fun Day's

Monday's Fun Day's? Sounds like an oxymoron to me with what looks like a few grammatical errors there as well. For those who get their panties wadded up, please forgive me for the errors!  I know not what I'm doing!   It made a cute jingle though.

Can you believe it's the week of Thanksgiving?  I'll get to my birthday stuff in a minute. This week is posta be the oh so hectic get a turkey together and spend lots of time with the family.  Well we've all been seeing a good bit of everyone as of lately. What with Mama MB being so sick and all.  Up until recently when there was a huge falling out with the family, they were there... DAILY. Now it's not so busy.  For that I am kind of glad, because Mama MB seems to be suffering a little less without all the  noise and people coming and going.  Gotta take the good with the bad I guess... .Or did I just use that in the wrong place?    Regardless, we're talking about Thanksgiving, all the while my aunt.  Her husband killed himself in 2007 and some time ago her mother in law moved in with her, after her husband passed away. She's like 87. Poor thing fell coming out of the house the other day.  Has not regained consciousness  They're saying they will take her off life support today. They didn't do it yesterday because it was her grandson's birthday. So sad, she was such a super sweet lady. Granny MB said she was crazy, but damn Granny..She's 87. Give the old woman a break!  I think we're entitled to be crazy when we hit our 80s! Don't you?  Terrible news right, she's not my family, but my family loved her;  I did too.

Anyone have an awesome plans for Thanksgiving this year?  Ours seem to be a bit scattered, unsure of what each day will bring at this point!

Its been a helluva year!!!

So my birthday... It was OK.  I was lucky enough to find a sitter for Pokey, Mr MB and I went down and met with one of my favorite ladies and we were able to watch the Twilight Breaking Dawn pt 2.  It was sooooo awesome.  Ya knew I would say that though. Really loved it and though I'm sad to see it come to an end, it ended pretty cool.  Sadly all things must come to an end... Right?  Was a bit sad that Mama MB wasn't able to tell me Happy Birthday. I think it really made it sink in when Mr MB told me Happy Birthday on the way home from the movies. It was after 12 and he said he was the first.  I chuckled and told him that was only because Mama MB couldn't tell me.  Being she doesn't talk anymore! That and she was probably zonked from all the morphine. She as always the first to tell me Happy Birthday!  I miss her so much and she hasn't even left this world yet

I said out loud that night... I wish she would get better, just so she could reflect back on all this shit that we're going through right now. So she could go damn, that was a ride.  Keep wishing right?  I've hoped all I can hope... What do I do now?

So here's to hoping the week picks up and things go smoothly.  Happy Monday Dingleberries!!

Hang in there!


  1. Not sure what Thanksgiving bodes for us. It's supposedly my only day off for quite a while, so I really don't want to go mioles and miles. Maybe I'll get me a couple of big ol' Marie Callender turkey dinners...

    1. I hear ya, I'm planning to not go far at all. Going to give it another shot at the turkey again this year. Was pretty good last year, hoping for the same this time. Fingers Crossed.

  2. I'll be riding with one of my nieces, her hubby and family to have dinner at another nieces house in northern Delaware.

    It will be the first time I'll be seeing my sister since her treatments started.

    Don't have to cook or drive, only bad thing about that is no leftovers for dayz!

    1. I know our family they always pack up left overs and send home with people, maybe they will hook you up! :)


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