Monday, November 26, 2012

Another Mashed up Monday

Happy Monday Dingleberries!  We're back at work this morning, waking up with a head ache and wanting to puke all over anything that stepped in my path this morning.  We're lucky to have made it in at all.

Pokey has decided she also doesn't approve of the 6am alarm clock. I think we're on the same page right now. Waking up that early realllly sucks and it's cold outside. I think I will stick with carting her to school myself. Means more sleep for my lazy arse, her's too. Also means we don't have to wait in the cold car for the bus lady to arrive. It's like a win win.

So this shall be a sort of Monday Mash Up kind of post for you all today.  Thanks for stopping by for real, so sorry for my slackness lately. With the holidays and birthday and my being so very broke lately. It's just a depressing time for me right now. Still looking for a way to buy everything my darling Pokey has on her list for Christmas this year. The lack of money this time of year is the most depressing part and it never fails!  Always broke. There has to be a better way!

33 hunnnnnndred dollars for the diamond version of this ring.  Only 220 for a topaz version.  Isn't it sooo pretty!  Love it!  Maybe they will finance my broke ass?  lmao!! 

Mr. MB's mom picked me up this pretty necklace for my birthday. I'm wearing it now, it's been a long while since I've had  a necklace. The last few I had came from Mama MB.  I still have pieces of them, but my darling Pokey managed to rip them right off my neck when she was little. Kids are good at that aren't they? 

I'm officially caught up on The Walking Dead. Or at least  I think I am.  I'm on edge wanting to know where they are going with it. This is why I hate being caught up, then I've nothing new to go home to.  Kinda sucks from time to time.  The mid season finale is coming up soon as well.  Why do they do that anyway? Mid season finale.  That's silly!  How dare they make us wait like that?!!?!  So far it's good though, I'm surprised at who is there and who isn't and still crushing on Darrell. He's such a hottie!

So I'm sure most of you noticed last week I totally bombed my postings.  That means I didn't get them posted. I think I got Friday and what Tuesday? Which are OK, but I missed out on the Monkey Butt Thursday and What I'm Loving Wednesday  which honestly I don't think I've finished in a couple of weeks. Pretty epic fails there on my part.  I've gotta do better. You all know my excuses though and sometimes they really are valid ones!

Mama MB made it through Thanksgiving, she's still Hanging in there!  I think she's getting some bed sores and hoping Papa MB doesn't forget to mention it to the nurse. Perhaps they can offer a bit of advice for us in the matter. Still no foods for her, she's drinking water....sometimes.  We're down to just the liquid morphine right now. She hasn't taken much of anything else, that I'm aware of.  So if it's working, I guess that's what we can be thankful for. She's such a fighter. Sometimes I wonder what she's hanging on to. What's keeping her going. Ya know?  If it were me, I'd given up a long long time ago I'm afraid.  It's hard!  Other than you fine Dingleberries, I've not many people to talk to, not and actually get any support from.

So I think there were a few more things  I was going to bore blog about today... Sadly they're lost to me right now. For some reason I just can pull them from my memory. I think perhaps it has something to do with how random this post has become.  That's OK though, that's what Monday's are for. Right?

Hang  in there!


  1. Thats a pretty necklace you're wearing! I got stuck with one necklace and then i dont switch out with the other one i own.
    Random posts are good. It's your blog so you can do whatever you want. Believe me, i've just gone through a funk and didnt blog for a week and the post before kinda sucked.
    I'm so sorry you're mom is going through this! Hugs.

  2. Yes, that's a very pretty necklace you've been gifted. It looks great on you.

  3. I'm with the above folk; the necklace is so very pretty.

    -glad you made it through t-day and so did MMB.

    Oh, yeah, and the crazy Gueggeli trucks usually make me smile every time I pass by one of them. Giant roast chickens are funny.

  4. I had today off from work, but I'm looking forward to going back tomorrow. Between over-indulgence at Thanksgiving (of both food AND beverage) and ripping the kitchen apart in preparation for renovations, I could use a break!

  5. I'm a blogging slacker too. Don't put too much pressure on yourself about Christmas. You've got a lot on your plate girl. I continue to pray for your Mama.

  6. I had one pre-Laurie year where my Church (at the time) bought presents for my kids because I couldn't. I t wasn't much, but it was a Christmas that they wouldn't have had otherwise. Chin up, good things ahead!


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