Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Still awake....

Mama MB looked so pretty tonight, the flowers were beautiful and her dress Papa MB picked was quite stunning on her as well. A beautiful white casket and a place full of friends and family, we are so blessed. 

I've so many thoughts.. So many memories.. I'm attempting to hold my tongue for now. While I'm still a  mess, I don't want to make it ... bad. 

Thank you all. I've a network of friends and family, I love you all. I wish you were all here, wish you could have known Mama MB like we did, I do my best to tell you all how awesome she is. 

Her funeral is tomorrow....  It's going to be harder than today I think..


  1. Tomorrow will be rough but I know you'll get through this. There's a place beyond tomorrow where the pain will lessen and you'll be left with so many wonderful memories.

  2. The moment I saw my Granddad's casket, I bawled. I bawled all the way through the funeral. I was by his side when he died but seeing the casket . . . oh my dear friend, I'm so sorry. Sending more and more bloggy hugs your way. ((((HUGS))))

  3. We already know how awesome your mom was. She gave us you.:)

  4. You all are in my thoughts and prayers

  5. OHHHHH NO! I am so sorry for this monumental loss. Honestly there are no words i can say right now to make you feel better. I will pray for peace and strength to you and your family during this tough time. I'm sending you big virtual hugs right now.
    Again i am sad for your pain and hurt.

  6. My thoughts were with you, Doria. Take care and try for some well deserved rest, I know how exhausting it can be.



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